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May 24, 2002
Raceland, Louisiana
Why are some photographers "CB" (COLOR BLIND)?

last year:
> Graduation photo: School colors are green/gold... background color... BRIGHT BLUE!

>> Graduation photo: School colors are purple/gold... backgound color... MARDI GRAS GREEN!

>>> Graduation photo: School colors are white/burgandy... background color... METALIC GOLD!

>>>> Graduation photo: School colors are black/gold... background color... BLACK! (they are wearing black, STUPID!)

This year, "so far" (still a bit early):

> Graduation photo: School colors are green/gold... background color... BRIGHT BLUE! SAME AS LAST YEAR! UNBELIEVABLE!)

Worse of all, MOST customers don't realize the situation until they bring it in to get framed. And, of course, they want the mats to be the "school colors" which usually looks like c**p! (I hide stuff like this in my closet until they pick it up.)

There ARE a lot of good ones, but, again.. Why are so many photographers "CB"????

Note: It is NOT ONLY "local", sometimes it is photos taken by "out-of-state" photographers... or "temporary" photographers located in shopping malls.)

Wake up CB Fotografurs.................
I kid you not…a few years ago at my daughters school…the photographer put stick on “stars” on all the kids foreheads :rolleyes: ……I could not believe it…what a pratt…
I hate it when the backgrounds starts as green on one side and fades to red on the other! (pick any two complements, but the "christmas" effect is the worst!) There are two portrait photogs in the area that often use this backdrop! It's murder! Arghhhh
Must be just your area. Most of the photographers I know would never combine colors like that. (And I know ALOT of photographers.) The only time I see things like that are from weekend part timers, or large chain stores, or large out of state school photo mills. Most of the real professionals I know would never do that. In fact, I do know on very good photographer who is color blind. He works with an assistant who picks the backgrounds for him.
In our town, it's up to the decision makers at the school to choose the background colors from what the photographer has to offer. The worst I've seen (not color, mind you) was the year my son graduated. The informal senior photo had the year 2000 in 3' high white numerals in front of the kids. When you looked at the photo, you didn't notice the individual graduates. But you sure knew what year they graduated! Ridiculous looking! The background color may have been awful, but I've never noticed.