cassese CS79 Vs. Fletcher F-5500


Jan 20, 2005
I want to get a new manual underpiner I was thinking fletcher but I found the cassese model CS79 and looks good for less price than fletcher.

But I'm thinking is it worth to save fome bucks if the quality it's not THAT good?

Does anyone has used the cassese CS79? How it's the durability and performence?

Thank you guys!!
Well thanks Jim I thought: where better than the grumble with all those
can I get the inside scoop about these machines?

Well...I know the quality of fletcher but the cassese not at all.

Thanks for your reply Jim! :D
I would venture a guess that Cassese sell more underpinners than anyone else in the world….and they are one of just a few manufacturers who actually make there own V-Nails…

The CS79 is a bit light weight….but the CS88 is possible the biggest selling underpinner in the world….I have the CS89 as would most framers in Ireland that or it pneumatic brother….the CS89

The Fletcher F-5500 looks very like an underpinner which is made by an Italian company…….my guess is that both machines are adequate as entry level underpinners…..
I have the CS89 and have been pleased with it. Before I purchased I talked to two framers at a PPFA meeting that had the CS79 for quite some time and both were happy with their machines.

I've heard some problems with some of the larger newer Cassese machines, but haven't heard anything negative about the more entry level ones.
Not that it addresses your question Nadia, but I have just replaced my Cassese 810 with a Cassese 299M. I looked at lots of options but just love the Cassese system of cartridges. So easy to use. There have been some people who have had problems with the 299, but so far I am DELIGHTED! Works like magic compared to my 810, which wasn't a bad machine ... just a bit old and tired (like me!) The clamping system on the 299M is fantabulous, whereas the 810 was a bit weak.

Suggest you look at several models at a distributor or trade show. It's just too hard to work out what suits you from catalogs.
I started out with a CS79 it was a good trouble free machine but it is limited width wise and profile shape wise. Flattish profiles are fine but anything with a bit of contour are harder to join well as you have to hand hold the moulding in place. Can not comment on the Fletcher. I agree with the comments on looking and comparing at the trade shows.
I had this Cassese CS79 for 4 years now and its still working great. This model offers great simplicity and ease of operation and even comes with an option to fit an press for fixing hangers. V- nail comes in cartidges in an assortment of sizes for soft or hard wood. You can even rotate the table at any angle so you can literally work around it. The CS79 is so durable even the block and hammer never jams and is still smooth even when stacking 3-4 10mm's on hardwood. And oh, dont forget the extra features like the pilot light, its very useful.
Thanks everybody for all the comments it gives me an idea about the quality of their machines. Thanks!!