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Cassese CS 89 wedges not fully inserting


Grumbler in Training
Apr 6, 2004
Oakland, CA
Hi everyone out there in Grumbletown. I'm a long time lurker, benefitting greatly from your informative archives. However, I now have a problem that requires some specific advice.

My wife (the owner/framer of her one person shop) has just purchased a Cassese CS 89 on ebay, which according to the seller is only a year old. It arrived in good condition and was easily set up. Our problem is that the wedges are not consistently inserted below the surface of the moulding. We followed the troubleshooting suggestions in the manual, but have not resolved it. The manual suggests setting the air pressure to 6 bar (85psi), I've raised it a little (90psi) but hesitate in going further without consulting those with more experience in these things.

Any help with this, and any other tips related to the CS 89, would be quite appreciated.

What kind of wood is it?

For soft woods I have been able to keep my pressure at about 75PSI with no problems, but the hardwoods change the dynamic some. I have used 105PSI for some OAKS and generally run about 95PSI for hardwoods.

From what I've seen, the pressure needed varies some from machine to machine. Not sure why this is. (Some more experienced Guru will probably have the answer.)

Make sure you are not using a softwood v-nail in a hardwood. Besides the duller point bending some, it may not insert as well. When in doubt use the hardwood v-nail. It may not "pull the corner" as tight as the softwood v-nail, but it usually inserts better and is less prone to bending out the back.

Don't know if that helped at all??

Good Luck

P.S. Welcome out of lurkerdom!
Danny -
Try using the hard plunger w/ a piece of foamcore in between the plunger & your moulding to protect the finish. If you are joining oak, maple or other "hard" woods - make sure you are using the correct wedges. You also might want to pick-up a Dremel tool because sometimes those wedges that don't go in completely need to be ground down.