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Cassese 299 issue

Nicole O.

Grumbler in Training
Jul 8, 2020
The pre-clamping switch on my machine is no longer engaging. It turns but the clamp won’t actually lock. Wondering if anyone has had a similar issue or some advice. Thanks!


True Grumbler
Nov 20, 2012
That switch is basically a valve that either provides or denies air pressure to the clamp. It's working parts are most likely plastic that can break. How familiar are you with the pneumatic system in your shop? Can you call Cassese technical support?
Firstly make sure that the clamp isn't physically blocked by debris, maybe a loose v-nail or something? Make sure you disconnect the machine from the air supply before probing around with your tools or fingers. Next thing would be to disconnect the air hose between the switch and the clamp, probably have to remove the side panel to get at it, and check to see if you get pressure downstream of the switch. Better if you can lower the system air pressure to 20-30 PSI before trying this. If you get air pressure from the switch then there's a problem with the clamp, if you don't then it's the switch or something else upstream. Lmk.
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