Canvas Transfers - what do I need?

Lori M.

May 23, 2003
I am interested in doing canvas transfers and was wondering what costs I would be looking at for a press and the materials needed. I don't know myself what I should be looking for for equipment or supplies. Maybe I would be better to send them out to be done? I don't know. If anyone has any information, especially Canadian, it would sure be appreciated.

Lori M.
Drytack carries a vinyl lamination that you heat lam the print to, then soak the paper off, (read in here, very messy peel process) then you mount the vinyl with the picture to the canvas. And there is a "pre-adhesive" coated canvas, but NOT cheap.
Good luck. Here in the NorthWest US, we can send that mess to ColorPlak in Seattle or Carowind Gallery in Portland.....
Just keep in mind that when you talk about canvas transfers, you're often talking about copyright infringement, even if you purchase the image used.

And by the way, once you do put your image onto canvas, how would you frame it??? Stretch it? Mount it? Glaze it? Not glaze it?
I have read about Claude Théberge here in Canada that the courts ruled that the purchaser of the art had the right to use it as they pleased. I as assuming in the USA that this is not the case.

For arguments sake, can anybody tell me what kind of press that I should be looking at and a ballpark price I would be paying.

I would be stretching these on wooden frames, no mouldings etc.

Thanks again,
As I have mentioned in previous posts we provide the production equipment and the supplies required for doing what is known as canvas transfers.

In the BC & Alberta market we have taught and provided these materials to virtually all who are doing canvas transfers from some single frame shops to the commerical customers like Laminart, Cloudburst, Framer's Warehouse (Langley), Creative Avenues (Calgary) to name the ones that come quickly to mind.

If you are serious and want to purchase a vacuum press, or a roll laminator press, a canvas stretching machine, and the various other equipment and tools required then give me a call. If you are just a "dabbler" and want to provide the service to your customer do what 95% of the retail shops do in BC and Alberta and send it out to one of the above mentioned professional canvas transfer businesses.

If you want to just ask questions about the cost to set up to do it and what the equipment alternatives are give me a call.

From what I understand canvas transfers are a proprietary process; the techniques of which are very closely guarded.

I am also lead to believe that this process is rather messy and requires tremendous amounts of work area to accomplish.

I may be worth your while to have someone else do it for you. We have been using Old Grange Graphics for several years and are very pleased with their work.