Canvas transfer trouble

Larry Peterson

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Apr 8, 2003
Wilkes-Barre, PA
I just finished (yesterday) installing my new vacuseal 4468 and trying it out with some dry mounts (great) :D

The press came with Seals Canvas Transfer Kit so I thought that I would try it out. I use Old Grange for transfers and will continue to use them but since I had the kit, I wanted to try it out.

I read the instructions - three times. I watched the video - twice; and then tried a transfer using the RC photo that they provided - and didn't get it right.

My problem was in getting the paper off the photo after the initial lamination. When I peeled off the paper, only about half came off. The backing came off, but about half the paper remained. From the book and video it wasn't clear how much of the paper should come off. I tried peeling up a corner to see if the image was on the lamination but it wasn't; still attached to the paper. The lamination was done for 15 minutes at 200 degrees.

Since it was only a test, I went ahead and completed the transfer. It looks like a photo drymounted to canvas, not a transfer.

For transfers other than RC photos, soaking the lamination is required to loosen the paper. Can this also be done for RC's or is there anythingelse I can do to get this right.
I used to do canvas transfers of RC photos back in the early 80's. Sometimes you got lucky and the back peeled off nicely, but most of the time it was a royal pain and came off in little sections. A very sharp razor blade worked real well for starting the paper and for those areas that resisted.

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Soak the photo/art in water for 30 minutes or so after laminating. Not what they suggest, using the kit, but works really great anyway.