canvas transfer and stretching on bars


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Oct 28, 2005
halifax,, nova scotia
I have no problem with stripping the back off the print or with transfering the laminated image to the canvas. My problem is after the canvas is stretched on bars sometimes the canvas will loosen after it has been stretched for 2-3 weeks.I have tried spraying the canvas with water when this happens and this sometimes works .I don't want the customer to have to bring the canvas back to get it restretched after having it home for a while
This was explained to me as a problem with canvas not being 100% cotton. They make a polyester blend, the weft or weave are each a different type of material. You can stretch it nice and tight and the cotton will remain tight, over time the polyester will relax resulting in sags. I was also told that restretching was the only option but the possiblity of it sagging again was always there.
Apologies Steven and thanks Ruth... Working on on now and was not aware of the material make-up.
Don't know if this will help or if it is even the same situation. I had a problem canvas that you can read more about here . I tried the Tight'n Up stuff that Tom tells me about.

This was a problem with ripples which may not be the same "sagging" problem you are having.
barring the 'eventual' return for tightening....what about doing the job very quickly(like the 1st night)& pu like 1/2 the finish amount of staples, then letting the thing stand in a warmish(assume temp to be a problem) place for a week or so, retighten & put finish number of staples in.....& hope for the best???
or some budding genius might figure out a way to "pre-stretch" the canvas for this application??? or is 'the' problem here just that xfers are noticably heavier/thicker and this is the sole reason for the extra stretch(but would this account for the "sometimes" it does & sometimes it doesn't)? many question, fewer answers
I assume you are using strainer bars (non-ajustable) as opposed to stretcher bars.
So the answer would seem to be to use stretcher bars so you can use the corner keys to tighten the canvas if it becomes slack.

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