Canvas Texturing RC prints

Ian Goodman

Jun 25, 2005
Ashtonfield NSW Australia
Hi Everyone Reading this.

I am intersted in suggestions on how to strip the emulsion from a resin coated image so that the image can then be mounted onto canvas to reveal the texture of the canvas through to the Heat Sealed image.

The reason for asking for help with this is that I used to do this with Fibre Based images which are diffrent to RC images. Fibre prints could be soaked in lukewarm water with Photoflow added and within 3 hours the paper would litterally fall off the emulsion.

With RC (resin coated) prints they have a resin coating on both sides of the paper base, one side has an emusion layer and the other does not.

You can soak the RC prints for days and it does not penetrate the RC coating.

So the question is : How do you go about stripping the paper base away from the top RC layer so that you can Canvas textre the image?

I would appreciate your help with this. [/LIST]
Sorry, I can’t answer your question directly, but there are several commercial outfits (at least in the states) which can do it for a reasonable fee e.g. Old Grange Graphics.

Another alternative might be to have your image digitalized and print them directly onto “canvas” paper (I think it's specific to ink jet printers). Frederix makes such a canvas, as does
See if you can pick up a copy of Chris Paschke's book "The DryMounting and Laminating Handbook". She details the process of doing canvas transfers with both RC photos and paper images.

The quick overview for photos is - you laminate the photo first in your heat press, then strip the emulsion from the backing paper. This "decal" is then applied to a canvas backing, that either has an adhesive on it or by using a heat activated adhesive like Bienfang's fusion 4000. The piece is then placed back into the press for the final time.

With paper images you laminate the image first in the heat press, then soak the image in water. This softens the backing paper and it is then removed. Once this is done, then the piece is placed on the canvas backing - just like the photo - then goes back into the press for the final processing.

You should be able to find a copy of the book through the PFM (Picture Framing Magazine) or the PPFA online bookstores.

Have fun!
Hi Calley

Thank you for your refernce reply which I have a copy.

If you turn to page 125 of the second edition book you will find at the top of the page a drawing showing the removel of the image. The first drawing shows the Laminate/Photo Emulsion with the backing paper underneath it.

The problem is how do you start the removal process?

EG Starting the Laminate/Photo Emulsion seperated from the backing paper?

This is a little tricky on RC prints.
a place here in tampa,fl does nothing but this---I was in there last month & had the time to watch them "doing it" ....the gal had the laminated photo, a flat/clean work surface, and a single edge razorblade. they do ALL their stuff dry. the trick, she said, was in knowing in which direction to start pulling from...she was working on a non-kodak from the lower right hand corner---tick-tick with the blade to start & tugged most of the way thru a 11X14 , then went to the next "row", etc made it look soooooo easy