Canvas Stretching - HELP!!!!!


True Grumbler
Feb 24, 2005
Southern Maryland
I have 2 30x40 oil paintings that I am stretching, the first went fine. I did the second one and it will not lay flat. The paintings were prevoiusly stretched, but the bars had to be removed for transport to the states. I noticed that it was warped about a half inch, before the keys were put in. I put the keys in but nothing changed. Any recommendations?
Restretch it.

Slowly, take out the staples from the corners in.
Working your way around. At some time, the whole thing will lay flat. That is where you pulled to hard.

Take out the next set of staples all of the way around to ease the tension. Then start over, but pulling less hard.

Stretching canvases is not about pulling hard, but getting the canvas stretched "Taunt". This should be able to be done with your fingers. (if you're young strong and haven't kissed any trucks)

Stretching pliers are used GENTLEy. MORE PRESSURE is not better. The wrinkles should come out slowly as you progress toward the corners, evenly and uniformally.
"Taunting" a truck, eh, Baer?

I was "taught" to stretch paintings until they are "taut", not "taunt" them until they are "taut".
Never trust a spell checker without an editor attached.

Taunt me at Austin this weekend, Jo. With luck, I won't be taut. And then after you teach me something I can be taut. That is if I can be taut a lesson... and if Hanna is there . . . SHE can taunt me a lesson with her bits of leather . . .

would that be "Tauting", "Taunting", or just Naughty or maybe even Knotty? :D