canvas stretcher bars & stretching


Apr 13, 2003
Hi. Can I get your input on how to correctly charge for streching a canvas on our stretcher bars. I seem to have gotten a wide price variance when checking with my competitors. I feel I may be far too low?? Also, it the price the same for transfers compared to giclee's, etc.?? Let me know how you come up with your pricing. I very much appreciate it. thx. seymour
$1.50 per UI for canvase. With oil or acrylic more, if they're cute and flirty less. Giclees . . . double.

stretcher bars come in 5 sizes/thicknesses/styles.

which one were you talking about? And define "correctly charge".....

I use the same old materials+shop time+neusence fee. Usually slows up the artist who are to lazy to learn to stretch their own canvas.
Bob, you just don't hang out in the right kind of museums...

guess I should have said "if the owner is"

been having second thoughts about the ink jet prints too: Triple.

This afternoon I stood where I couldn't puke or educate without offending.... as a woman gushed about her giclee and wasn't it wonderfull that the nice artist Chegal was coming out with his art now in that wonderful "French style prints".... it's just so, well, you know, FRENCH!

I wanted to turn the canvas over and look for the Kodak mark and oh how I wish HP left a fingerprint.