canvas pliers


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Jun 17, 2005
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Can anyone help me find a source for a really good set of canvas pliers? I have a really great pair that i got at a junk shop years ago (really, they didn't even know what they were!) but I can't find any like them anywhere. The ones they have at work are from united and are too heavy, the "teeth" don't line up well, and the joint is wobbly. Oh, yeah the handle seems to be shaped backwards, too. The ones I have gotten from Larson in the past just fall apart. I'm going back to my previous position outside of the shop soon and I would like my coworkers to have some good pliers after I leave. HELP!
Mine are Bristols from England that <strike>came over just after the Mayflower...</strike> I inherited from my mother... I never thought about new ones... E-bay or Google?
Good question! The pair I am using came from United as well. I have not had a problem with the teeth or joint, but I agree they are heavy.
My old pliers are embossed on top "Fredrix", one of the good quality canvas companies, and they are chrome plated and heavy with a fold up spring in the handle.

They are made in Taiwan.

Go figure.

Try a good art supply store or call you local university or art college/school to find out where they recommend their students buy their supplies. As a college art student, we stretched all our own canvas...saved us a lot of $$$.