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Sep 10, 2003
Santa Rosa Beach, Florida
I was thinking of making canvas panels out of some scrap canvas and giving it to kids to paint on. Can anyone tell me what material to buy for the board or panel that's used? I would like to make them a nice quality, without spending too much money. Also if you know where to purchase them would be enormously helpful!

Sincerely, Jason
Canvas panels are so inexpensive that it seems counterproductive to make them... I think our 8x10s retail for like $1.10. If I had some scrap canvas that I was itching to get rid of, I would drymount it to foamboard for the little rugrats. But it might be more time effective to throw away the canvas (2 seconds) and just let them paint on matboard scraps (which multiply as soon as we turn off the lights every night). Spend the time you would otherwise be mounting canvas doing something that will make you money... or go home and put your feet up.
Ellen, you just reminded me of those cute little fuzzy things on that old Star Trek episode, when you talked about the multiplying matboard scraps!

As in "The Trouble With Tribbles."

So, Po'Framer, is that where you've been the past several months? Watching old Star Trek reruns?
Originally posted by beer pockets:
Can anyone tell me what material to buy for the board or panel that's used?
Probably something like 3X board or newsprint board (20C double thick) is what is commonly used. Foamcore would work also. Acid free 3X board would be a small step upwards. 8 ply rag board with ph neutral adhesive would be a big step upwards but would be more expensive. All of them would have to be countermounted if you use a wet glue (to help with warpage).