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Can't Find Print Protectors for Print Rack

Steve APFA Grad_2005

Grumbler in Training
Jan 25, 2006
Williamstown, NJ
I just purchased a used print rack and it came with about 20 large vinyl sleeves for 30x40+ artwork, two prints fit in each - back to back, seperated by a white board, and then lay in the rack. Ok sorry to be so detailed here - cause I know you all what I'm talking about. My issue is I need about 50 more of these "sleeve-print-protectors" but can't find them anywhere online. You would think that all these retail print racks for sale online, that some marketing genius would think to advertise these as well, since they go together. I have searched 30 minutes now, and could not find even one supplier that sold them - although everyone has atleast 5 different racks to sell me. Maybe they have a name I'm not familiar with. Hopefully someone can direct me to a good link. Thanks

Steve Matthews
Go to the page that lists all the forums and check the ad banner for United at the top of the page. There's a link to them there, and last I checked they sold print sleves.
I'll endorse the Selwyn's Print Sleeves. We upgraded to these about 7 years ago. They are pricey, but worth every penny.


Go to their website: Selwyns. They typically exhibit at the WCAF Show in Las Vegas as well as the Decor Expo Atlanta show. They may even be attending the New York show next week.

I've always wondered why they make sleeves out of vinyl. The plasticizers used in it outgas and is reactive.