Canon S2 deal from Dell


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Feb 19, 1999
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Found this on Slick Deals today:

Canon S2 IS for $284

Should be midway in the selection, part of a larger camera discount deal...

The Canon S2 is a great camera for visualization..
That's a good deal!

However if your ceiling is low or you have to clear light fixtures I suggest the Canon S70 or S80 for their wider angle lens.
I couldn't get the Dell site to generate the same savings.

What am I missing?
When you click on the camera description it takes you to Dell.
If you click on the 35.00 of it takes you to ebay.
I tried to paste the promo cade into Dell but it didn't work.

I'm not sure I can afford it now anyway but thought it worth a look.
They're suggesting that you buy a $35 off (one time use) coupon code from a seller on EBAY. They generally sell for about $1

There was a promo code for 20% off but it didn't accept it.

It started with a $ and then letters and others characters.
yeah, looks like the promo code has expired already.. those usually don't last long.

Mike's right about the eBay coupon.. I've never used one but I've seen them more and more.
We are looking into cameras for the IF, and would really like to use the Canon PowerShot SD430 Digital ELPH Wireless. The advantage being the easier setup with a wireless connection to the computer. Does anyone have any experience with this camera?
I've investigated the SD430 a little more, and while it does have wireless capabilities, it still seems to only interface with a computer (for remote control purposes) via a USB cable. I'm looking to get one though to evaluate, and I'll update this thread when and if I get some more information about it...
Hmm.. you might be right. There are several review sites out there that say the same as what you wrote, that remote capture only works wirelessly. The documentation I got from Canon seemed to suggest otherwise. I'll just have to get one and see for myself..
According to the Canon UK site where it is called the Digital IXUS WIRELESS: -
Control camera shooting functions from your PC with wireless RemoteCapture - perfect for home wildlife shots.
Looks like this camera may suit our needs. (not sure about the "home wildlife" though

Might also be useful in larger framing establishments, where several computers could share this one camera...