Sherry Lee

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jun 25, 2002
Phoenix, Az.
We are in "lock down" - of sorts!

About 2 1/2 hours ago "4 burglars robbed Well's Fargo Bank" about 5 miles east of us. They got away - one "bad boy" ran into a house 2 miles east of us, holding the homeowner hostage for a short period, but since let her go. They caught the "bad girl (driver)" but 2 "bad boys" are on the loose and headed our way. Four schools around us are in lock down. Policemen from four cities and the FBI are all over here looking for them. The sky is filled with helicopters and it's been that way all this time. News stations of course, have told us to lock our doors/windows and stay in.

The dog has stayed in on her own.....the steady sounds of helicopters is certainly not normal to our ears!

This IS the WILD, WILD, WEST!!
I hate to burst any bubbles, but we are a home business! Funny lines just the same.

The helicopters dispersed about 30 minutes ago. There's no one to tell us if the coast is clear -news isn't on until 4:30pm, so I called the nonemergency police deptartment. The Sgt. said they were tearing down but they don't know if they caught them all...."so if you see anything suspicious, call us"! Geeeeeee!!

I've since learned that the hostage that took place wasn't 2 miles away, it was 4 BLOCKS from us. That explains why the choppers were right over our house....for HOURS!!!!

Thank goodness for our cities finest!! Really and truly!
The gynocologist was implicated but the police said those were just smear tactics
Oh my golly - such humor! Sales are either dead out there, or 'you all' aren't framer's at all, but rather writers for Leno or Letterman!!

I hope they can give you the all clear soon, but don't take chances. You never know what can happen. Because of a significant incident in the area last year, we've installed metal detectors at both of our driveway entrances at our home that flash our outdoor lights and ring the doorbell whenever a vehicle enters.

That reminds me of the incident a couple of years ago at the store when our parking lot suddenly filled with minivans and guys in black outfits with FBI and ATF lettering... all with assault rifles at the ready position. They had an undercover agent inside the locked, front door to the coin shop (aka: pawn shop, coke shop, gun shop) next door and arrested all inside. That was followed by the State, County and Local guys with only pistols. Kathleen escorted our customers to the back of the store until the excitement settled down. That was her police training to get out of the way of potential friendly or hostile fire. For the next 4 days, the CSI type folks were cleaning out the coin shop into one U-haul after another.
WOW... Just another slow old framing day here. A little excitement would be good but I would prefer something a little more relaxing... :cool: :cool: :cool:
Ditto Roz's sentiments. I hope everything is back to normal soon, Sherry. It must have been really scary hearing that the hostage taking was only a few blocks from your house.

Wish I could come up with a witty line like the others, but my creativity only goes as far as framing
According to the Phoenix evening news, there were four burglars. The third was found hiding behind an apartment building dumpster one mile from us. The fourth 'suspect' remains on the loose.

Evidently these four 'role model citizens' came here from Los Angeles with the intent to rob a bank and then dash on back home! Guess they needed to rob a bank in order to pay for the gas to get to/from their 'job'!

Thanks Roz, Karen, Danny Boy and Rick for your sentiments. Rick, I wouldn't have wanted to experience your ordeal.....this one was close enough!! Having guns drawn right next door - ooooph.

And thanks also to "the future comedians of America" - see you at the Improv!
A spooky situation your in.
Once long ago in another life we had the " Boston Strangler" loose in our area. Lasted for like a week. All doors got locked. One of those deals where you have to experience it to understand it..!
In the end they caught him as I am sure they will your guy. I could go on and on about this guy, but the point is...Try your best not to worry, take all caution however. Just lock the doors and carrty on as usual. I know that is easier said than done.
To put a safe plan into action will go along ways towards helping you not to worry. It's often the uneducated that get into trouble. Learn as much as you can about the situation. Educate yourself as to what to do if this or that should happen.
When Diane and I are out in the bush we often play a game called "what if" One of us will yell out "what if"..we know that means what if there is a black or a griz bear right there in front of us..waht would we do at that moment. This dumb little game helps us to always be constantly aware of our surroundings. To look about for an escape route or to put together a plan to get out of their. Once in awhile we got no other choice but to shoot. In all of our years on the trail together We have never ever had to shoot. Besides that my gun is always leaning against the tree out of reach when ever one of these things decides to show up. Usualy we can smell them long before anything happens.
So right now if I were to yell " what if" what would you do??? " What if " meaning what if that guy was at your place? Got a plan..? Place one and you will be surprised at how much your anxiety will decrease. Seems its proportionate. The better the plan the less the fear, the more confidence you will have in your own abilities.
I am sure you will be ok!
I was working in North Hollywood when there was a particularly brutal shootout between bank robbers and police just a couple of blocks away. (The robbers wore body armor and had an unbelivable arsenal - the robbery might even have a catchy name) We locked the building and the gates to the parking lot. Everyone had to stay put. Even hours later when we could leave the sky was thick with helicopters - both news and police, and traffic moved very slowly through the area. Of course by that time we knew the robbers weren't on the loose.

I hope the ones in your area are caught.
Just watch TV and when you see a White SUV going down the highway at 30mph then you know things are going to get even crazier!!!

Boy did you guys make me laugh - had tears rolling down the cheeks! My husband thinks I'm nuts!! Got to luv your humor
I remember the Boston Strangler. Did you live there at the time? And I was living in a hospital dormatory for nursing school when Richard Speck was doing his 'thing' with nurses. Then there was Richard Ramirez, aka "Night Stalker"....he did a number on our neighborhood in Calif., including the murder of the wonderful man that came to fix our computers in the hospital that I worked at. That's gettin' WAY too close!

I should have looked to see if there was a full moon Friday because the "Local Late News" stories was ghastly! Let's just say the policemen around the valley had a lot on their plates.

Sorry moderators.....perhaps this should have gone into 'Warped Moulding'. It's probably at or near completion anyway.