Canadian Framers- Let me hear you... eh?

LA Gal

Feb 23, 2004
Canada, Lethbridge
I would really be interested in talking to some Canadian framers; I have seen a few on some of the forums.It's always nice to have contacts close to home.

It is always nice to find new Canadian distributors for products, so that there isn't the extra time associated with buying from the US (time spent at customs)

I did find the Canadian distributor for The Wizard CMC today, and they are in Langley B.C. Waiting for a reply, very excited to hear about the rental program I have heard such good things about here.
Maybe someone with some time to kill could track down the thread where Kit was surveying Grumblers to find out what state, province or country Grumblers were from.

That brought out a LOT of Canadians.

(Who knew British Columbians could be so vengeful?)
And if you need more, just do a search for the phrases: "Failed invasion of Minnesota" or "It's Kit's fault."
Originally posted by LA Gal:
I would really be interested in talking to some Canadian framers...It's always nice to have contacts close to home.
I'm not so sure you'd consider us to be "close to home" but:
"Hello", from Ontario, eh...

Give us a shout any time you like.

p.s. Best of luck with your CMC shopping. Methinks there is an Eclipse dealer in your neck of the woods, just in case you were interested.
Ron, Thanks for looking up those links for me, I am going to get on that right away!

Hello Printmaker,Yes, there is an Eclipse dealer in Calgary called Columbia Framers; Lin and Brian are great people to deal with. I am not sure if the 2 company's are "related" but, the dealer I spoke with re: The Wizard was Columbia Framing Supply (in Langley I think....or somewhere down by Vancouver) I found their name on the Wizard site. A nice fellow named Ken was very helpful. Doing lots of research, lots of $ involved.
HI LA Gal,

We are a Canadian company here on the Grumble. Welcome aboard! To be honest, I don't post very much. We read-only types are affectionately referred to as, "Lurkers". ;) The Grumble is a fantastic source of information! If you are interested, you can check out our website. I noticed you have one too!
Carol, Checked out your website, I am currently using FullCalc. I really like alot of things about it, but would be interested in viewing a demo disk of your software (if there is such a thing)Your website is really well done, I am going to look through it further a little later......Thanks
No more fellow Canadians to share ideas with?
I thought Canadians were more friendly than that...Oh well, I am having a good time with my friends to the South. and the few Canadians that have come out.....
Hello LA Gal,

I would love to share ideas with you but don't know what I can offer. I'm just starting out here in Langley, BC.