Can someone help with Bainbridge 4962 Pearl-Fabric mat?


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Jul 1, 1999
Holland, PA, USA
I don't use Bainbridge fabric mats too much so hopefully someone out there uses them on a regular basis and can help me out. A customer had me order B 4962 (Pearl) for some wedding portraits-of course a rush job. She ordered it because that is what her daughter ordered somewhere else and it looked terrific. I got the matboard in and it is bright white. My sample is off white and the specifier is also off white. Has Bainbridge changed the color? Has anyone had a problem with this? It is several shades off, but it came out of a plastic bag that had the correct number on it. Does the color vary from sheet to sheet?

Although I use much Alphamat, I ususally order more Crescent fabric mats than Bainbridge fabric mats. So I am unfamiliar with this type of matboard. Thanks for your help!

We use it all the time and the color has been consistent. Sounds like you got a bad one. It is great for wedding signature mat.
Should have noted that you have to use a special paint pen otherwise it will bleed out using other types of ink pens
I use Bainbridge about %99 of the time.

It happens (very rarely though) that sometimes they mis-label the mats. It happened only once before where I got a color totally different from the specifier, by about 20 shades!

I am not at the shop now, but will look tomorrow and see what the specifier and sample say.

But also check with your supplier and see what they say.
another fine reason that they aught to put the lettering back on the stupid backside....

What are they afraid of... that I might use it to wrap a fabric mat??? Darn right! :D

BTW: susang the "countess off-white" from Frank's Fabrics is so much nicer. It also has those wonderful slubs that give it real eye appeal.

And if you want that real sexy soft feminine look, turn the fabric over and it is satin. Now try THAT with a dumb mat board. :D
I went to the supplier for help. Every piece that they had was off including the 40.60. Sooooo...if you are using this where color is important, you might want to check it out before you cut. In Alpha mat #'s what it looked like was the sample was Talc (8520) and the piece that came in was Frost (8466.) There are quite a few shades in between so it will hard to pass this one off. The pieces are due tomorrow, so I will have to use what I have. Thanks for the input.

Originally posted by Baer Charlton:
another fine reason that they aught to put the lettering back on the stupid backside....

I can only agree. I had 2 orders from Crescent 2 days ago, and they are very close in color.

No numbers anywhere to know which is which..

PS: Some suppliers substitute a lot without telling us. One mat I received, was allegedly the Crescent I ordered, but was way off; turns out they sent me a non-Crescent as a substitute!