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Can anyone help me out Fletcher 2000?


MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Dec 1, 2004
New Westminster, B.C. Canada
OK, so after Alan's advice, both on and off line (thanks again) I bought the 48" Fletcher 2000 (1989 year). So here is a question (probably the first of many)
Does anyone have a copy of the users manual that they could scan and email to me, or just mail it to me if it is gathering dust? Before I use the thing I want to strip it apart (mostly anyway) and clean the workings. I figure it would be a good idea to have a copy of the directions so that I can order parts, follow recommended set up, etc. I could not find anything on the Fletcher web site.
Thanks all

I've got one someplace because I had a brand new one in a box and recently threw the box away but kept the manual. Mine's a 60", but should be about the same. I'll keep my eyes open and hopefully find real soon for you.

I went on to the Fletcher site and emailed asking about replacement parts since they don't list the 2000 anymore. Never heard back and haven't had time to ask my distributor or Fletcher again. I broke the little top plastic guide a few hours after starting to use it. Gotta man handle the beast ya' know!

Seriously, I will try to find for you.

Dave Makielski
Call Fletcher. I bought a C&H Oval Master Junior, and when I called C&H they put a photocopy of one in the mail to me. They sent it no charge too. Always nice!

Since the F-2000 was replaced by the F-2100 in about 1991, and now the F-2200, most of the parts are no longer offered online at the Fletcher-Terry website.

However, a number of components on the F-2000 are shared by the F-2100 and F-2200.

Give Fletcher customer service a phone call. Rich or Brian should be able to dig up an old F-2000 manual, and if they can't they'll make a photo copy for you.

Some parts you might find stocked by authorized Fletcher distributors like: Accent Art, Cadre Verbec, and Impact Mouldings in Canada.


Consultant to the Fletcher-Terry Co.
Thanks all,
I called Fletcher-Terry yesterday. They are going to send me a photocopy. I wish I wrote down the name of the fellow helping me. He did say that some parts are not available any more. I haven't had time to give the beast a workout yet so I don't know how it works. It had been standing on its side in a photo lab for the last ~8 years so there is some "residue" that needs to be cleaned up. I did notice a cracked plastic piece in the cutting head that doesn't seem to affect the use. Fletcher is sending me one "gratus"...Gotta like that! :D
Now all I have to do is find some time to do the cleaning and rehab.