Cameras for Intergrated Framer


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jan 15, 2005
Martha's Vineyard Vineyard Haven MA
We are expecting to get our Wizard Integrated Framer any day now. Looking at cameras, found the canon S2 at circuit city for $339. The price has come down from $499 as they have a new canon S3. Also found the canon S1 for around $180 as reconditioned. Has anyone had any experience with a reconditioned camera? Have heard that cameras with too good of a price might be what is called gray market and might not have a good ( US )warranty
Apparently the S1 is discontinued and is only aval as a reconditioned unit now. I had ordered it with IF and Wizard called before shipping and informed me ot the discontinued state but had found a reconditioned one with full warranty for less money, and I opted for that. Looks like new and works like new. I understand customer returns can not be sold for new and are marked as reconditioned, so most of them very well could be new, but of course you don't know what you are getting until you get it. Buy from a reputable source.
I'm sure my situation is unique but I'll just put it out there:

In my lifetime I have purchased exactly two "factory refurbished" items. One was a digital camera. One was a CD player. Neither one worked. I've sworn off them. I was able to return them both for a refund, but it was a hassle.

$339 is the lowest price I've found for the S2.

My software arived today, but I'm waiting to install it 'til I have the camera and monitor.