California Duster


MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Oct 6, 2001
Montana ( A Tourist runs through it )
I discovered something new. My Larson rep was in a few weeks ago showing off his shiney new BLACK Pickup :cool: . I said "how do you keep it so shiny". He said he used a "California Duster" to keep it clean.

I have a dark blue car that is always dusty so I picked one up.

I also picked up a "California DASH duster".
It is great for dusting the glass shelves in our gift area in the store. It works way better than a feather duster or anythinfg else we have used.
I have a black Avalanche and a red sporty convertable. We have one for each of the vehicles. But to answer the question a California duster is a small mop like duster. It has a slight dust collecting chemical in it that collects the dust. It's used for dusting the car but it probably would work for dusting shelves too. We found ours at K-Mart in the automotive department.
I used to have such a “dashboard duster” in my car until my wife decided it would be good to use it in her car to get of accumulated dog hair, pebbles and the crud that accumulated on her <u> floor</u> mat. It never quite worked for me after that.

In the shop, we use Swiffers® for what I assume you are intending to use it for. We use it routinely to sweep off “gritty” foam board, photos, etc., too. Swiffers are (comparatively) cheap and disposable and you can easily see when it’s life has expired.
I run the California Duster over the top of our Hot Press before opening it to help keep the 'debris' out of it.

And I have one Swiffer in my pocket at all times! They are great for dusting that ONE corner sample that's been missed the last three 'going overs'! I keep it away from the direct framing area though, because my gut tells me there's an ingredient in it that helps hold dust. I called the company once, but never got the right know how it goes!