Cactus w/ capitial P


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Jan 15, 2005
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I know this has been posted before.
Customer came in with 17 x 13 framed for remat, could not wait told our girl just do it.
Mat 19.50
dis/reassemble(you know the drill)18.00
total bill 37.50 (plus tx)
Had a fit(I heard the end of it when he left.)are you nuts 37.50 to change a piece of paper.
Not over yet 10 min later he came back.
I met him at the counter, explained process,still $20. for a piece of paper, again explained ph mat disassemble clean glass measure and cut mat reassemble all customers art is treated the same weather a original or snot on a finger(getting wound now) Then he takes off the corner protectors(which every order gets)and throws them at our girl.(wound reallll thight now) He says I am well known around here. I will tell all my friends about this and I will never be back.(SPRING BROKE)
GOOD ,IF THEY ARE LIKE YOU, YOU JUST DID ME A BIG FAVOR. Thank you for your order and have a nice day MR P (First one in 2 1/2 years)
Amazing how a cactus can ruin your day.
Me thinks just calling him p****ly like a cactus is being too nice! And throwing things at the clerk, too? Wonder how he'd feel about assault charges being filed? What a jerk!!!
He was definitely a jerk...
but if he wasn't a regular customer I would have called him with the price before proceeding with his order.
I have learned that lesson the hard way.
Just so you guys dont think that MORONS like that guy just invade your retail shops. Here is one that came to my plant a few weeks ago.
Man came in with part to sailboat (aluminum cast) wanted it heliarced , real busy told him 1 week , came back in 2 days griping had to have it, so had one of my guys stop n do it. Came back got it was happy as could be, even said great job. Then 1 week later comes back with part "This is the biggest f*** up I have ever seen" he says. I say whats wrong, he gripes a bit then I show him that its right, still complains the alum weld is no good , so I try to break it with a big steel rod( Most of you who know me Im a pretty strong guy) Didnt budge. Still says its bad I ask him if hes a certified heliarc welder he said no he says fine then walks away griping. I follow him & tell him to never come in here again, he says i f*&**&*& wont BOY.Wrong words . I went out with him & told him what he could do with his parts... Thing is I had my guy work on it for 1.2 hrs @ 65.00 per hr (employee makes 22.00 hr) & charged him 20.00. There are Morons everywhere.....
I don't know if this would work for a guy, but I can usually get good results with a pitying look. ("oh, you poor thing, how awful life must be for you!")

Either they realise they are being an ***, and settle down, and we can be friends, or they blow up completely.

If they blow up completely, I wind up laughing for hours about it.

The best one was a guy who came into the pot shop and got mad because we didn't have ocarinas. I finally said, in an anxious voice, "Oh, don't panic, I'm sure I can find an ocarina for you! Let me get you a glass of water and a cold towel, and I'll make some phone calls."

He just stared at me for a second, then cracked up.
remember, NO good deed goes unpunished!!!!
I have had that happen in the past, and because I know that I really should have called and given the customer a quote, I did not and of course, customer not familiar with custom framing, she thought the price was outrageous. I told her to take the piece, with our compliments, and if we could help her anyway in the future, we would be glad to quote a price for any work done from this point forward.

I thought she would never return, but has turned out to be one of our best framing customers.

Old saying, if you can handle a complaint within 2 minutes satisfactorily, you will save yourself a customer. Trying to teach them a lesson, or manners, has never gotten me many framing jobs, but has sure cost me a lot. Good service, they tell 4 or 5 people, bad service, they tell 20 to 40 of your prospective customers, or old customers....