C:/$Secure:$SDS Metafile question

Rick Bergeron - CPF

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Aug 18, 1999
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First, I haven't a clue what I am talking about; but all I have heard is that the file is only accessible by the operating system for overhead of something and cannot be deleted, defragged, restored, or anything without completely reinstalling the operating system.

For those of you who are in the know, is that a fairly accurate statement regarding the only fix is to reformat the filesystem. After reformatting the HD? What is a realistic size for the file, except that's probably a loaded question because it depends upon software, # of boots, uses, etc?

The reason, the latest McAfee upgrade appears to be using that file and it is growing like a noxious weed. Sizes grown into the Gigabytes of harddrive space being used and space that is gone forever. The only note that I have found is a remote acknowledgement that this is happening, that McAfee is attempting to work with Microsoft to see what they did and even if there is a fix. They say there is a patch that continuously runs to prevent it from growing, but who knows where the patch is.

Should I uninstall the software until a fix is published that will deal with it; though probably not likely to be listed in a "known bug" list.

I couldnt find any record of that particular error, Rick. There was a metafile exploit last year, but it has been patched (in Jan 06 I think).

If you think Mcafee is causing the problem(and I won't be surprised if it is
), I suggest uninstalling Mcafee, rebooting, and then immediately reinstalling the program.

By any chance are you doing this on a security restricted XP user login? (one without full administrator access)

TNX Mike,

Everything on my end is from an admin account.

McAfee engineer stated their VS11 version released around Aug 1, 2006 was causing that metafile to grow without reason, McAfee allegedly pushed a patch where they installed another file that continuously runs to stop the metafile growth caused by VS11 and that the only known way to recover HD space used by the Windows metafile is a reformatting of the filesystem.

I think I'll uninstall and not reinstall until more public data is available regarding stability. I just wish I hadn't accepted the update pushed out to me.

TNX again Mike