C+H Matcutter Trouble


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Jan 21, 2004
Lansing, MI
I hope somebody can help me, it's driving me insane :eek: . I have a C+ H Advantage M40.
I bought it used from a frame shop. He used the mat cutter, the day I picked it up.
I got it back in my shop and the first mat I cut
came out like s*** :mad: . I cleaned the cutter and did all the ajustments, in case it got out of wack in transport. I cut the second mat and still looked like s*** :confused: .
OK, here is the problem:
My cut starts out straight and ends up curving out on the end of my cut. If I use the full lenght
of the mat cutter, it's ok the first 1/3 down,
a little of in the middle and really bad by the end of the cut.
I used different size blades and some different matboards (Cresent, Bainbright, etc.)and it's still a problem. :(
Thanks for reading this... the almost getting gray haired Cat.
Hmmm..strange. Is the base warped or damaged in some way? Are you using a slip sheet? How much of your blade is exposed? Try using a C&H 1500 blade, with only 1/8" max exposed, and a slip sheet. You might want to double check the handle as well, in case a pin is loose and causing some movement in the bar. You should move this post to the Grumble!
Thanks for the reply.
Everything you said, I have done.
The baseboard is in good shape and the entire mat cutter is leveled out on the table. :D

Yes, :( leave it to a new grumbler to post the topic in the wrong spot. Sorry. (How do I fix that Problem? :confused: )

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I would recommend using the C+H 1200SE single-edge blades, properly set for depth. Also, make sure your matboard is not moving under the bar as it is being cut. You may have to use a double layer of slip sheet, and hold the mat in place to the left of the bar. Do not put extra pressure on the handle of the cutter. That will just warp things. It's the mat you want to be sure is stationary. Also, make sure your mat guide has been adjusted to be parallel to the cutter bar. Is there any play in the cutter head as it rides on the rod? If so, you may need to adjust it.

:cool: Rick
Just contact Ron or another moderator. I think they will move the post for you. Have you ever used a C & H matcutter before? Sometimes it is just difficult to use a new brand...I switched from C & H to Fletcher a few months ago and I had trouble for a few days. If you are still having this problem by the end of the day, contact the person you bought it from and get your $$ back!!
Thanks for all the help.
I have to try the double slipsheet.
The cutting head looks fine.
I have been cutting mats since 1987 and 75% of the time since than, I have used C+H.
Must be "Murphy's Law of Framers", never a problem, till I opened my own shop last year.

The Cat =^..^=
1) "He cut a mat on it that day." Owners often get accustomed to invidual quirks that machines develop. He may have just known the recipie to cut a mat and compensate for machine flaws or quirks.

He may not even know that he did that.

2)How old and how "used" is the machine? What kind of shape it it actually in? On a scale of 1 to 10? Why was he selling it?

3) What machine did you learn on? And how old was it? Did it have quirks, and you are now having quirk transferance issues?

3)Only the warped moderators can move things out from warped.
There ya go, but I don't know if I like being called a warped moderator.

I'm really quite conservative.
Thanks for moving my topic :D

The framer, I bought the mat cutter went bankrupt about 6 month before I bought almost everything from him. He had a mini frame shop set up in his basement and worked on his own stuff or family and friends framing. The mat cutter is about 5 years old and was bought new (he still had the orignal box for it). Right now I would say it's a 7 on a scale from 1(new) to 10(pulled out of dumpster). I learned mat cutting on a C+H and got used to squirks in mat cutters over my live in framing. Now that I own my own, it drives my nuts.
Anybody knows a C+H rep/tech in Michigan?
Thanks to All
The Cat =^..^=
If all else fails, call (800) 631-5414, ext. 3243, and speak to GRITSKO JOHNKLEIN. He is in tech service for Nielsen/Bainbridge, and knows everything there is to know about C+H products.

:cool: Rick
Cat: Technically there aren't any C&H repair persons. However we do carry C&H and your sales rep is Tim Coman. Call him at 800-632-4842. Tim's pretty handy with equipment and he may be able to help. (He's based out of Troy and is in Lansing often.)

Now, if you had bought a Fletcher, their rep is right there in town.
You all helped me a lot. :D
I will call Tim in Troy tommorrow.
Regarding Fletcher..I have the wall cutter
and will keep you in mind John, if I ever need help with that. ;)

The Cat =^..^=

P.S.: The double slip sheet helped already
You all helped me a lot. :D
I will call Tim in Troy tommorrow.
Regarding Fletcher..I have the wall cutter
and will keep you in mind John, if I ever need help with that.

The Cat =^..^=

P.S.: The double slip sheet helped already
There is a natural tendency to lean back and release some of the pressure on the guide bar as you near the end of your cut. That will cause some distortion of the mat opening.

With large mats I always need to remind myself to apply constant pressure on the guide bar so that doesn’t happen.

… if that doesn't work, check the guide bar itself. Clearly it should be as straight as a Montana highway without the slightest bowing whatsoever. If not you may have to spring from a replacement (I think United MFRs still stocks them).