C&H Cardboard & Glass Cutter


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Jul 26, 2005
new mexico
I am wondering about this product, C&H Cardboard and Glass Cutter, and whether or not it is a good product. I also would like to know what it is worth and if you can get parts for it. Would you recommend this product or another product instead? I welcome your advice, thoughts, insights, experiences with this product and its performance, etc.
If you are referring to the wall mounted glass/plexi/cardboard cutter, it is a staple piece of equipment for most fulltime professional frame shops. The newer ones, Fletcher for example, can cut up to 1/2" material which is handy for the thicker foamboards and Gaterfoam in thicknesses over 1/4" or so.

I have used a Fletcher 3000 in my shop since I started back in the late '80's and wouldn't trade it for any other type of cutter. It has performed flawlessly for me since it was new. If you maintain your equipment properly, any large tool you buy for the shop should last quite a few years. As the complexity of the equipment increases, so does the potential for breakdown though. Case in point, the older Seal vacuum presses with the dial controls vs. the newer digital vacuum presses. If a single control breaks on the older models, you simply replace the control, if something goes flooey on the digital boards of the newer ones, many times you must replace the entire control board which can cost a few sheckels.

But most of the wall mounted cutters should last indefinitely if properly cared for and will do a number of jobs that require separate tools to accomplish.

I wore out a C&H wall cutter, traded it to a photographer for a dozen rolls of film and bought the Fletcher 3000.

Then I bought a digital camera and I still have the film.
I bought one on EBay about 18 months ago....I think it's a 6100?

As Framerguy says it is a good piece of equipment as most things go.

Never had a F3000 or 3100 but everyone likes them.

The C&H does the job......if bought right you'll be happy.

Paid 600.00 for mine....a good deal I believe. I'm sure parts are available.
Originally posted by Ron Eggers:
I wore out a C&H wall cutter, .........
Yeah, I guess you did, dragging a heavy contraption like that up and down walls would wear any man out!!

(Did I read that correctly??)