C&H Cardboard and Glass Cutter Help Needed


Mar 18, 2005
Can anyone help me to find a Sliding Block replacement for my old C&H Cardboard and Glass Cutter? I know it's time to buy a whole new cutter and I'm hoping to soon. Thanks in advance!
C&H never offered the block as a part that could be replaced. Talk to Gritsko in customer support and maybe he can help you out. He did for us a couple years ago.
I’m pretty sure that United MFRs sell replacement blocks for the C&H.

I’ve gotten a slide bar and other stuff from them.
While I am not sure of who actually still supplies the C&H parts ,I do know for sure that my table top cutter had it's block replaced ( althoughthat was a longtime ago) and I am fairly sure that the wall cutters could be also.

In fact I was told that since these parts are made of Brass ( unless that has changed) they were one of the most frequent parts to ware out. they did so when they were Misaligned. To align them you tightened the set screws located in various spots on the block which squeezed the block tighter on the shaft. youwould do so until there was no wobble but not so tight it wouldn't move freely when lubricted prperly. If allowed to wobble ,even sligtly the BRASS head would ware excessively aganist the harder metal shaft and develop even more slack and wobbleing would increase. So you might try adjusting it if you already haven't .If that is not doable I am sure someone sells the heads.

If its brass could it be a bushing that is wearing out? If so any decent machinist could get you the replacement bushing, bearing.

In the old VW rebuild days a job like that might cost a 6 pack, today maybe $30!

My fletcher 3000 has plastic bushings that wear out eventually. May be time to reorder a set or two from United and replace them. More preventitive maintainence than anything else!
Bob I don't think the head being asked about had any bushings in it( at least the ones I have and remember). It was a SOLID BLOCK of BRASS. I now have Fletchers in my shop ( even though the old C&H is in storage).That was one of the largest improvements Fletcher made to cutters. They have Bushings and Bearings. The C&H Solid Brass Head slid on a chrome shaft ,with only the allen screws to snug the groove up to the shaft.

I assume that any Good Machinist could make another Block ,but I'd be worried about what they'd charge.It would be lot easier and definetly cheaper to find someone who had one in stock from C&H.
Thank you all for the comments. The sliding block is made of brass. At one time the PFE Company in Jackson Mississippi sold a repair kit. They are out of business I was told. C&H did not have one either. I still hope to find one gathering dust somewhere. If any one has one of the cutters that they want to sell in reasonably good shape, I would be interested.
Again thank you, Richard