Bye Bye, MSN Photos

Ron Eggers

SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
Jul 6, 2001
Just got this notice from Microsoft:

Action Required - Storage Policy Change

If you are an MSN 8 subscriber, your storage options will not be affected by this change.

What is changing on MSN Photos?

MSN Photos will no longer offer online storage of photos for users who are not MSN 8 subscribers. If you currently have photos stored on our site, you can download them to your computer. The deadline for downloading your photos is May 21, 2003. After this date, all your photos will be removed from our site and you will no longer be able to access them. We ask that you please take action today, so you don't lose your valuable photos.

Thank you for using MSN Photos.

What this means, my friends, is that every photo I've ever posted - and quite a few that you all have posted - will disappear from The Grumble in two weeks.

I have all of my own photos stored off-line, so if you wanna look at any of them, stop by any time.
Dad Gum IT!!!!!!!!!!1

Let's Boycott Microsoft!!!!!!!!!!!!
So what now Ron? Do I have to relearn how to post pictures again? Will I still be able to keep my MPPNW designation? I better hurry and show any pictures I have waiting in the wings............
I imagine what Microsoft would like us to do is sign up for MSN 8 internet service. I don't plan to do that.

So, yup, Kathy, you and I and a few others are going to have to learn all over how to post photos. Either that or acquire much more descriptive language skills.

I looked at a long list of similar services a few months ago. One-by-one, the free photo servers are becoming fee-based, along with lots of other formerly free services.

If this keeps up, I'm going to have to start charging money for my framing services.
Ron, I've got a GREAT idea for you!!! Why don't you download the photos to your computer and then burn them onto discs, and then we poor Grumblers will gladly reimburse you for these priceless "Grumble Archives." I for one would pay at least $5, plus shipping and handling, of course.....

When Art Bell retired, his 3 or 4 year old website was turned into a "commemorative disc" which contained even more than they ever put out for public viewing on the site.

And you could do what they did, take orders in advance, so you won't get , ahem, burned, by having too many discs..... I want one!!!!!
Here's another idea, Mar. How 'bout I send you a disc and you can handle the manufacture and distribution?

I still have your address.
Well, that got the Framerguy to thinkin'. All the photos that I have posted will also be "trashed" as soon as I make my move South. As soon as I cancel my ISP's services, all those photos that I FTP'd to my storage site will be gone.

Ron_, wanna go in on a "consolidation" CD?? I'm sure that there will be some very disappointed framers out there who won't have a chance to view all those "Dogzilla" and "Vicious Guard Dog" photos or the "Breast Implant" framing!! :D

Let's talk soon, maybe do lunch, eh? Cracker Barrel OK??


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I can see it now:

Framerguy and Ron_'s Greatest Hits - available Tuesday.

Otherwise when your shop and my photo server both head South, our respective legacies will look like this:

I have posted to MSN Photos, just to post pix on the G. I DO have all the photos in My Pictures, on the desktop. This will curtail, to some degree my picture posting...

MSN pisses me off SO bad! They're really, really pushing MSN 8. TO the extent that you have to plow your way through a buncha MSN 8 crap to get to their Online Tech Support. It's sorta like, "We're gonna make it as difficult as possible for you, unless you switch to MSN 8!"

You can switch from MSN ISP to Earthlink, AOL, etc, but Gates has us when it comes to operating systems. Well, he's got ME anyway.. I've just gotten a little familiar with XP.
Most "full service" ISPs include a certain amount of web space in which you can not only store a reasonable amount of pictures, but you can display them in a web site format for those visitors not necessarily interested in such esoteric places as the Grumble.

For instance, my account name "dwaldmann" through "" would have 10MB space available through the address All you need is an FTP client (IE 6 can be used as an FTP client, not sure about earlier versions) and you can drag your pics from your hard drive to the server and your links would look like
Yahoo gives you 30MB free for photo storage and viewing. They have their own download ftp, whatever. It would be worth setting up an e-mail account for the temp use or copy and paste to Word.

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Originally posted by Ron_Eggers:
So, yup, Kathy, you and I and a few others are going to have to learn all over how to post photos. Either that or acquire much more descriptive language skills.
Ron, I wouldn't mind handling the manufacture and distribution of the Grumble Archive Photo Discs, providing I can successfully learn to use my CD burner which sits untouched on my tower. XP has proven such a PITA, I am afraid to try anything new!

But I think it would be a great idea for you to download the pix to a disc just so they are preserved. at least for now. I mean, that's what we all do for a living, right? We preserve things! Can't let that great collection that has been compiled in the last year just evaporate back into the ether...

I would even be willing to have a disc with pictures of cars and tractors and Krispy Kremes, just not to lose those cats and dogs and skwirrels...

Most of the cute photos - the dogs and squirrels and blonds and guitars and stuff - will be fine. They were lifted from other websites and should not disappear. It's the photos of Grumblers that are going to be history, and those are all on my hard drive to begin with.
Originally posted by Ron_Eggers:
David, you forgot to mention your password.

Actually, that was a theoretical site. IF I had that username at THEN that would be the address. That would be for a typical internet user who doesn't have their own domain.

My real website is, which you will see, if you go look at it, is not really a domain, but merely a pointer to a subdirectory in our company site. One of the perks of being a business owner...

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I've looked, I can't find where to get free storage space on Compuserve. I guess they hide it pretty well..............what to do, what to do......
I'm a bit of a dufus...........I just realized I have a MSN email account...............I guess I am saved? Although I hate MSN. I got it to get a $200 rebate on my computer and am obligated to them for two years. I don't even use that address and I bet I delete 20 or 30 porn ads everyday. I don't have that kind of trouble on Compuserve.

You're more than a BIT of a dufus. The MSN community that you've been posting your photos to is one that I set up a while ago for Grumblers to learn to post photos.

Microsoft doesn't care if YOU'RE an MSN user. They only care that the head dufus who set up the storage - that would be me - is not.

Let me know if you need help setting up your own MSN Community in your name, though those directions are included in my photo posting tutorials.
BTW, Kathy, I'll bet that $200 rebate ends up costing you at least $500.

No offense intended. Dufus is the next step up from nincompoop.
Originally posted by Barb Pelton:
Barb, try the Yellow Pages for 'Rent A Burnet'.
D@mn! Now I can't remember whether Ron's a blonde or a burnet.....
I have not had any such message as yet, either that or I deleted it by mistake. If mine is still standing after the time is up I don't think it will be a problem for others to use it also as I only have mundane and boring stuff taking a small chunk of space anyhow.

Most servers here also offer a bit of storage space with a conection, it's just a case of trying to figure it out from their home page.
Well, since I can still post pics off the internet, I'll just retract the AARRRGH! and post:


I'm gonna beat this thing; I know I can.
Originally posted by Ron_Eggers:
BTW, Kathy, I'll bet that $200 rebate ends up costing you at least $500.
You know Ron, I assumed I needed 2 ISP accounts if I had one at home and one at the store. So, I cancelled AOL here in the store and picked up MSN. I only recently learned I could use the same Compuserve account here and at home. D"oh! I have been paying for 2 ISP's for almost 2 years. I want to cancel MSN because I hate, hate hate it. So I will have to relearn along with everybody else. But please once you figure it out please post another tutorial. Since you already agreed I was a "dufus" I obviously will have quite a learning curve. Thanks.

Originally posted by Ron_Eggers:

No offense intended. Dufus is the next step up from nincompoop.
Honestly no offense taken here. I guess I am such a dufus that it would be hard to know when to take offense. So, does "Nitwit" fall below nincompoop? Just curious, I am a very goal oriented person.
Kathy, you have attained the Epitome status: GOOFBALL!
It appears that the original notice I received was a hoax. I wish I could say I saw through it from the beginning but, the truth is, I used the old "ignore the problem and maybe it'll go away" strategy and, for once, it worked.

Bottom line is, it looks like the MSN photos that pepper The Grumble like fleas on a Kentucky framer are here to stay - at least for now.