But it's just a poster!


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jun 23, 2002
“Just a poster”

This lady comes in and says; I’d like to find a print for over my couch. Everything in the room is yada yada yada. It’s such a chick room she says. I want something special!

Well ma’am, you came to the right place. Check out these catalogs and let me know if I can help you. A half-hour later she says she found the perfect poster. She would come back for framing design when the poster came in. The catch is, she needs it quickly.
I can hear it now, it costs what, but it's a cheap poster!

Well, what a nice change, she did mean what she said, and she really wanted something special, and she was willing to pay for it.

She liked one of my last project posts, which was still here. A laminated poster with a large frame, But she wanted glass. OK? As it turned out, it was just as well, as I had designed the frame with a 3” bright white linen liner. The glass would help keep the print and the liner clean. I showed her mat combos and smaller frames to give her additional price points, just in case. She wanted just it just the way I showed her the first time. Who am I to complain?

I will leave it up to you to decide if I over did it on this one. I like it!

Monet Poster: image size 24” x 35 ½”
Frame: Don Mar 541U 3” ornate gold (CMI) $30
Liner: Gemini G709 3” white with gold lip (Linen Liners) $17
$47 x 14ft = $658
Dry mount (A/F) $30
U.V. glass $40
Fit $24
Total $752 (It's photographed at an angle to reduce reflection)

I like the design idea a lot, but my first impression is that I see the white liner first. Perhaps it's the photo, and we know they lose clarity and true color on the screen. Relevant to what appears on the screen, I think I would like the liner to be a wrapped, more customized color.

The pre-existing liners never seemed to go quite right. Then I discovered the beauty of custom wrapped liners - especially the continuous wrap ones that we get from Falconeast. We don't sell a whole lot of them, but once in a while they are just the ticket.

It sounds like a good idea to put the glass over the liner, to prevent the liner from becoming a dust collector.

Great sale!
Less, you done good.

The white liner doesn't bother me at all. It looks clean and classic. And, as we all know, putting glass over the liner (instead of under) is the way to go since the liner otherwise suffers if/when the customer cleans the glass. If I had to pick something negative, it might be that, from this angle, the liner and the frame appear to be similar in width. I'd rather see more contrast. It's probably just the angle, though.

I appreciate your efforts to pump some life into the design forum. Marc tried valiantly for a while, but I believe he gave up. (Besides, his designs were too <u>esoteric</u> for most of us. :D )
Less, Looks great! Ever think of going into framing? Seriously, I'm burned out on Monets, but you done good on this one!
Thanks for posting it!

What kinda laminate did you use?

Looks good.

Sure wish posting a pic was easy. Mabe it is and I just can't figure it out.

Mabe I'll just send them to you or Ron to post. :D
Thanks guys!

I tend to be a little conservative in my design approach. Framing Simply or Sophisticated is in my business logo and generally is my approach to design. I do try to push myself out-of-the-box, but being a fine art gallery also, does not allow me to get too decorative.

I thoroughly enjoy and I am impressed with Marc Lizer's projects and Framers talent. Framer seemed to come across a little dry, until I discovered his incredible design posts. These guys are both true talents (artists). I hope they find the energy to continue contributing in this way.


I generally agree with you. In this case however, the bright white really punches the vivid colors of the poster. I had a hard time finding this liner. The sample originally came from Studio, but they dropped the line. I had to call Linen Liners to locate a supplier. Liner choice is a real sore point with me. The company that offers a wider selection will do well. I wish someone would offer a cream in a variety of profiles. I also wish they had deeper rabbets. I do custom wrap liners and insert my own fillets, but we do need a better variety of stock liners! (That would be a good thread.)

Hi Mark!

I did not use a lamination on this project. The poster is dry mounted and fited into the liner. You can't see it because of the angle I took the photo, but there is glass between the liner and the frame. I used uv glass to help protect the poster from fading in this expensive presentation.