Business climate in Framing Industry when rebuild starts


Jul 21, 2005
Tampa, FL
Any opinions on what the business climate is going to be for our industry when the rebuilding starts in the areas hit by Katrina and when the need for art, framing and reframing will be the strongest? It seems like with all those businesses and residences being devastated and/or underwater, there will be a very strong need for our services.
Personally... I think that the people involved have a lot more to worry about than getting something framed but maybe it's just me.
Absolutely, I certainly agree. For now, just rebuilding their lives is their #1 priority. However, long term, when life starts getting back to somewhere near normal, there will be a need. I certainly didn't mean to sound insensitive. Recalling Hurricane Andrew in Homestead (I'm from FL), I do realize it took a while to get to that point, but things eventually returned to normal.
That... and the fact that most of them do not have flood insurance. Most will be lucky if they can afford to rebuild where they were, if at all. I think it will be a long time before they are at the level of rebuilding and framing.

very sad situation
Summer-I suspect that it could easily be a tremendous boost to the region. While some will see it as a tad mercernary, the truth is that Billions will be pumped into the region from insurance and more Billions from the Feds.

Life will get back to normal to those that want it to.

In Phoenix, over 500 displaced persons were housed in a facility and according to the newspaper, almost all have left. Many have new jobs here and will stay, many have gone to families elsewhere. There are some left and they expect them to be relocated by Friday

Life will get back to normal quicker than most suspect. but, there will always be those that simply prefer to have some state agency provide for them

We are a resilient lot, we Americans.

I mean, what would you do faced with the same situation?

There will be many, many great opportunities in the not too distant future.
Simply put (and my deepest sympathise to all those displaced, injured or killed by Katrina), when the rebuilding starts, all the houses that are put up will have walls. Those walls will need pictures, and unless we want Wal-mart or some other big box providing crappy pre-packaged mylar and corrugated crap for those walls, someone will have to get down there and set up shop!
I am worried that with framing being a luxury item, there will be many other things that will be used with that money, before someone buys a frame. It will be a hard long stuggle for any one in our industry that is in the area affected by this tragidy
I agree with OZDave, framing will not be on the minds of the people of New Orleans for a while but I think that will change sooner than you think. People look to the past and thier heritage in the face of disaster. All the photos of family memebers and the only piece of artwork they salvaged from what was left of thier home will get the royal treatment.

Meet a lady once that spent over $400 dollars to frame an 8x10 photo of her parents because it was the only photo to make it through a total house fire. She said it gave her hope to move on.
Take a look at who your core client base probably is:

People with higher than average incomes, people with homes, people with insurance.

It's going to be an amazing rebuilding effort that will most certainly include plenty of better quality framing as well as tons pre-framed from those "great unwashed" vendors.

The smarter merchant will take advantage of every single opportunity. But, those that prefer to continue doing business on their terms will probably be starting threads about Zero days and Where is the Business a year from now.

My guess? Every business (Hotel, Offices, Hospitals) wil be up and running as soon as possible and they will have resources to get "back to normal". Municipal and state offices will have unlimited (thanks to taxpayers) funds. Think of every Business that you go to in your town that has framed goods on their walls. Every car dealer-the list is endless. Look for the opportunity

But, be forward looking enough to realize that there will be many people looking for value to stretch their rebuilding budgets. And way too many of us simply don't understand what consumers perceive as value.

But, there will be plenty of business for those capable of going after it. Those that are most affected, unfortunately, probably didn't spend much in any of our shops before, either

If i had to make an educated guess, it might be that the potential increase of framing at our level could easily increase 4 fold