Buffermount dwell time


Grumbler in Training
Feb 18, 2004
Dwell time on the buffermount indicates 30 seconds at 170 degrees on mechanical dry mount press. That's what I've been using, but 30 sec doesn't seem like enough. Wondering if it will be a poor bond in the long term?

Anyone else use buffermount on a dry mount press? How long to you leave it in?
If “Buffermount” is the same as the old Seal “Archival Mount” (I think it’s just a re-naming), I use it at 180° for 45 to 60 seconds. I have not had any work returned because of lifting or separation.

Are you pre-drying both your artwork and substrate? If not, residual moisture will interfere with the bonding.

… learned that the hard way.
Yup .... same product, just a name change.
Do you use release paper or release board? Top/Bottom?

Yes, I do the predrying with kraft paper.

I use the single sided release paper. I like the feel (weight) of it better than the so-called double sided stuff.

Like yourself, I pre-dry with Kraft then use the release only on the top between the platen and the artwork.

Actually, I "pad" the platen with a smooth photo board, so from top to bottom, it's platen, "pad", release paper, art, tissue, then substrate.