brushed stainless steel frames - panoramic


Jul 7, 2004
Hi Grumblers,

Just after a bit of help

The other week I saw a panoramic photographer display his work in a pre fabricated stainless steal frame that took a picture around 4 x 11 inch. The frame has a backing on it so that the frame would sit on a desk or shelf.

The steel frame boarder it self was just under 1 inch in thickness all the way around.

Any ideas who may sell such an item, as my enquiries on the internet are not going well and the photographer who had the frame was unwilling to say who his supplier was.


Not the same, but maybe a good substitute, would be Framerica's stainless range.
I cannot tell from your post whether your query is for the stainless steel or for the easel back or both. Sorry, I cannot help you with a real stainless frame.

But, if you can get by with an Nielsen aluminum “look-alike” moulding, United MFRs sells screw in easels for that type – either No. 4894 or No. 5073 in their catalog.
Sorry.... my enquiry is for the stainless or brushed steel frame that would come with the easel back.

Im not after a moulding, the item I saw is metal and had no corner joins.


AuizzieMatt :
I reallly am going to sound a little foolish but I once had a customer whose wife wanted to frame some of his ( fabulous Photograhy) "JUST LIKE" some Ansel Adams photographs.

I can't remember the company's name and the records were lost in Katrina ,but Diane Day of PPFA gave me their name. They produced a closed corner custom made back loader that was made of Stainless ,either in it's natural state or with certain finishes. They had wooden blocks inside the angle metal to screw the backing to and i am almost sure that easel backs were also available.

The only draw back is they were priced like most closed corner frames only these were welded closed ,in a way that you couldn't even see the seam. Hence they were priced to match the effort.

Give Diane a call at the Hot line and I'll bet she can tell you their name and it will suit your needs to a TEE.