British Columbia - cannot find supplier

Lori M.

May 23, 2003
Hello to any Canadians out there. I am having difficulty finding a competitive supplier for my small home based business. Columbia Framers Supply has now closed down and I have just found out that Tiki has also.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to a supplier that will not give me the "must have a storefront" or "must do thousands of dollars a year in business" story.

I am working on an art degree at the moment and use this business to pay for my education. It is impossible for me to have a store or expand my business to the volume that some suppliers require.

I would be happy to deal with anyone out of town with reasonable shipping charges.

Thanks in advance, I appreciate your help.

Langley, British Columbia

I am in Chicago at this moment returning from a weekend Open House, hosted by Accent Art in Richmond BC just minutes away from you. :( Sorry that you weren't able to attend. Their location is just a block from Cambie and Shell.

Accent Art Open House Newsletter

I was there on Friday night demonstrating the Fletcher-Terry Mat Pro CMC, along with Greg Fremstad from FrameSpace showing his whole line of products! Also present was Donna Klaassen from Elmers (Seal Hunt) with mounting materials, etc. On Saturday I conducted two seminars on Diversification and Shadow Boxes. You must get on their mailing list. :D

Accent Art has a fairly comprehesive range of moulding, supplies and equipment, and does sell to home based businesses.

Please call them at...

Accent Art Distributors Ltd.
4331 Vanguard Road
Richmond, BC, Canada
V6X 2P6
Phone: (604) 247-1771
Fax: (604) 247-1661


Hi Lori

Columbia Framer Supply was actually taken over by Frame Warehouse, a member of the WDA which is the largest independent buying group in North America.

Frame Warehouse is located in Langley at

Frame Warehouse
110 - 19888 Langley ByPass
Langley BC
Tel (604) 534-9870

Frame Warehouse will also be activating a 6,000 square foot distribution centre in Langley as well. The existing phone numbers from Columbia are active and working along with the 1 - 800 number.

Tel (604) 533 - 8842
Fax (604) 533-8565

Tel 1-800-661-7636

Thank you

Hi Lori

P.A.L Wholesale Frames are in the langley, Cloverdale area. I don't know if they sell to home base businesses but give them a call, they might sell to you. Their number is (604)576-5751.