Brian Wolf Seminar


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Jan 1, 1997
Fort Worth, Texas
Grumblers are invited, details below:

The North Texas Chapter PPFA will host a day with Brian Wolf on Sunday May 7th at the Dallas Stars Center, IH35 and 635. The first session starts at 9 AM and ends around 11:30, lunch will be provided. Our lunchtime speaker will be Bob Manna whose hour long presentation is as follows: Success is not a secret - it's the difference between knowing how to do something right and knowing the right thing to do. Customer DNA is the modern marketing program that gets this difference and gets it right. Sunday May 7th. Customer DNA - how to know the right thing to do. After Mr. Manna, Brian will continue his matting techniques. Then, at 5 PM-7Pm Wizard and Brian will present a program, along with snacks and drinks. Please call Marianne 972-416-0828, or Jerry at 972-690-6216 $25.00 members/ $40.00 non-members. Our newsletter is now online, so click on for further information. To navigate, click on the star!! Hope to see you all soon. Marianne Pruitt