Brevetti Vee-nailer- ?


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Feb 14, 2004
Nicholasville, KY
Hi. The search for my underpinner continues, but I have good news!!

Local wholesaler has a used one for sale. It was still being used every day in a shop, but the owner just bought one of Mitre Mite's high end ones.

This is what I can get:

Brevetti pneumatic under pinner in great cosmetic shape. It looks like it has been very well taken care of. Just the normal scuffed paint here and there, etc. Works perfect.
It was made in 1998 and has a small plate on it saying DELTA UNI.

They will sell it for $900

Never heard of this brand before. Anyone know anything about them?

It looks impressive
As far as I have been able to find on the internet, the nails are fairly easy to get a hold of for them.
Brevetti is sold through Pam Fastening Systems (
You might check with them on support for the underpinner.
I have a Brevetti miter saw and am very happy with it.
Everything I am reading (old post in the archives etc) sounds positive.

I think I am going to go ahead and get it.
Anyone want to scream "NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!" ?

Cassese actually makes v-nails that will fit it so that should not be an issue. Not to mention it is still a produced model.

Price is right and shipping is free because I get to pick it up.