Brevetti Mitre Saw


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May 2, 2004
Stratham, NH
I have any opportunity to purchase a 10 year old Brevetti double mitre saw with blades at a very reasonable price. The model is the "Gallery". I don't think this model is available anymore, I can't find it on the PAM website. I'm just not sure about it's reliability. Also, I'm a little apprehensive about buying used equipment-maybe someone elses headache. Any thoughts about taking a chance on a used saw-I have been using a Morso chopper for 10 years but I can see the advantages of the saw. Thanks.
I am not familiar with that particular saw. I would suggest you try it out. Cut and join a couple of frames on it. If it works & the price is right, go for it.

It's still just a machine, you will be able to purchase bearings and parts most any were. If you can't, any machine shop can make replacement parts, as long as you have the old part for them to duplicate. Remember though, it's the blades that really count. A dull or damaged, or cheap blade can make a huge difference in the quality of your frame. The saw can be perfectly good, but if your running cheap blades, you will not get a decent frame.

Try pulling the blades toward you in the direction of the arbor, you should be able to feel it move slightly and return back on it's own. If it does not move, you probably need to replace the bearings. If it moves as I described, and you get a bad cut, it is probably the blades. If the price is right on the saw, anything wrong with it can be corrected by a machinist.

Good blades for a double cut off saw can run from $200.00 each, on up. They last a long time and it is money well spent.

A used double miter saw should cost under $2,00.00
If they want more, I would pass on it. You would be better off to use what they want as a down payment on a brand new CTD or some such thing. With CTD, you will get the best customer support and people who understand our requirements. I am sure this is true with most new saws though.

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I bought a new Brevetti a couple of years ago from PAM Fastening and have been very happy with it. You might want to contact their tech support folks and see if they still support this saw model. The tech folks are real good and the saws are strong, but knowing that you can easily get support and replacement parts is invaluable.

Give it a test run, but have the blades sharpened first if they haven't already been. Not a fair test if you are using dull blades.
Pam (the distributers for Brevetti) have about the best tech support for their machines you will find anywhere. You can call them up and they will help you over the phone. They also will go out of their way to find any part you might need. I have an old pam underpinner, and have had no problems getting parts from them.
Please let me know if you decide you dont want the saw, because I do! Ken McCann