Breaking Glass


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Apr 26, 2002
De Pere, WI
I was putting together a 16x20 job, laid the glass in the frame, laid the package in the frame using 1/8" foam core as the backing. The backing was just a little above the rabbet so I applied a little pressure to compress the foam core when putting the points in. About the third point I heard the glass crack. (no damage to picture, mat or frame) So I get a second piece of glass, it just fits. About the sixth point I heard that awful crunch again. Sure enough, another broken glass.

I measured the frame, it is just a smidge over the 16x20 size.

My thoughts: 1) Cut the glass 15-7/8"x 19-7/8"
2) Use mat in lieu of foam core for a backer. My concern is at 16x20 will the mat start to bow over time.

Any suggestions?
One solution would be to use Flex points to fit without glass, flex the points install glass reflex the points
points. Check the rabbet of the frame for lumps ,bumps or warps . You could also use frameteks rabbet extender product.
Your rabbit is not lined up at the miter, one rabbit is higher than the other.

check the rabit for bumps or debris. Also check the rabit at the mitres for flush.

Once the glass has broken just lift out the art, one end or the other of the break will show you where the culprit is.