Brass Name Plaques??

Often a local jewelry shop or printing company can do them for you very inexpensively.
Signs by Gwynn
Wichita Falls, TX


Great folks...Brass. Silver, Black and aluminum, Black with reverse brass,...any size...multiple lines and different shapes...quick turnaround, usually same day.

They'll fax you their typestyles (around 40 or so). They also will provide you with a POP display and samples.

Often I tell them the type of plaque needed for what type of artwork and let them determine the typestyle as different plaques take differing typestyles better.

Very reasonable...I usually mount them with brass nails (provided), atg, velcro or Lascaux 498 adhesive. My mark up is 2-3 times with shipping.

I've found Things Remembered to be comparatively quite expensive (retail).

Dave Makielski