Bragging Rights?


Apr 28, 2005
Jenkintown, PA
Has everyone read their FrameED pullout in this months Decor?? Check out The Frame of the Month article on pgs. 14 - 16 - thats me!

Hope everone had a great New Year!
Kirsten K
what the heck is FrameEd?? We've never heard of it in our neck of the woods........
It is NOT in Decor! It is with Art Business News!

And, I wrote about it being a "coming event" last month!;f=11;t=001158


By the way, congrats, Kirsten! I haven't gotten mine yet, but will be sure to look you up!
Everyone take a deeeeeeep breath, if you wait for your Art Business will come. Betty I was listening a couple of weeks ago.
Let me just say this,

About the front cover picture on FramEd,

Is it just me or should someone have used a little putty?!

That is one of my favorite moulding lines from Larson Juhl and the easiest to match with putty. Maybe I'm too picky but that drives me crazy

Well this is most interesting. I got the FrameEd with my Jan. Decor issue, although, whne I talked to the editor last about the article he told me it would be sent with ArtBusinessNews / FramingBusinessNews. Apparently, the folks at Decor Magazine are a bit confused or something. I think they did recently have a change in staff which my be the source of the inconsistancies (sp?). And it is also possible that not all areas of the country get the same things. I don't know why that would be, but it's possible -FrameEd is also a marketing thing after all. If I have time this week I'll scan and post a copy of the article for those of you missing the suppliment to check out - it's fun.
Betty, I got mine in my Decor two days ago. Honest!

It was stuck in there, all intentional-like.

Congrats, Kirsten, hopefully others will be getting their copies soon and can see your stuff!
Kirsten- Excellent job, and very creative!
Which type of bit did you use in the Dremel tool?
You mentioned the weight and vibration of the tool...You should look into getting a flexible shaft extension accessory. The handle feels natural in your hand, and it is easier to control. It becomes kind of like a dentist's drill.
Maybe if the original painting is ever recovered, you can offer to reframe it for the museum in Amsterdam.
Congrats on the article.
:cool: Rick
Do you want the autograph framed or unframed!?
As to your questions about the Dremmel Rick, I did end up getting the flex extenshion and it did make a difference. The only thing I didn't like about it is that sometimes when I would change the angle or position of the the handle, the shaft would swing around and sort of pull my hand a bit causing me to slip. But it wasn't too big a problem. It was fun to do.
We have that frame as well as some others hanging in a show at a local cafe right now and were getting tons of great feed back from it. The manager of another local resturant saw it and came in yesterday looking to have us hang some work in their place!
After I did the scream I made a hand painted one for a lichtenstein that came out great. I'll post some pics of it when I get a chance.
Thanks for the responses everyone! Your motivating me to want to do more!
Ok - gotta eat my words - mine came in Decor as well (and not just "in with" Decor like Framing Monthly was "with" Art Business News, but actually INSIDE Decor magazine!)

Plus, there was a mouse pad and a Decor Sources in the package as well. Anybody else get that?

Curiouser and curiouser...
Flimsiest mousepad I have ever seen! But, hey, I hit the trifecta - got all three!!!

Love the Lichtenstein!!! Ultra cool!!! Gonna havta do some more of those myself!!! What kind of paint did you use, Kirsten???
I use line called "painters touch" from Rustolium. It'a a latex based paint but goes on flat like an enamel. You have to put on multiple layers to get it opaque is the only thing. you could use regular acrylic too but you'd have more brush marks. I top coated it with a something called "Ultra Clear", a UV resistant, non yellowing, acrylic spray varnish. The frame is a simple Falcon East liner stock, you can order them raw! There a great company, we use their liners and fabric covered mats alot - beautiful work.
Thats a shame that not everybody is getting the FramEd, I wonder why.
I will have to say, that is pretty cool stuff!

You mentioned the round head dremel cutters, they do make square head cutters, I use them to clean the grooves in chair seats for prewoven cane.
I got Decor+FramED+mousepad, no Sources. My one cat liked the texture on the back of the mousepad for scratching.

By the way, I found the "KK" on the Scream frame. I like that kind of tricky stuff.
Are those of us without Decor/FramED to live forever in darkness or will someone post pictures? How about it? I'm dien' to see now.
I feel so dejected, I received my decor at least a week ago and my mouse sources, no art business news, no fram ed....

Well this is most certainly unfair! I am so sorry that some of you are being unjstly teased and I will try to post pics of the frame / article tonight!
I got it FINALLY, now I can see what all the fuss is about, great job Kirsten

I still want my sources!
Thanks Betty for posting the link! Sorry I never got around to posting the article / link. I've been buisy at the shop and at home! Now no one will feel left out!
Thanks again!