brad gun question


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Mar 4, 2003
Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
Since day one, we've been using the F-18 manual brad gun(s) for fitting. They've always worked well, and we've never had a problem...

However, in our old age, we'd now like to look into something a bit faster, and which requires less energy to use, hour after hour...

We do have a compressor, and are looking for suggestions for a simple and reliable electric or pneumatic brad gun.

Thank you, in advance!!!
I really wish I could help you on this one but I just can't stop thinking "oh - Janet, oh - Rocky"...
The site I got my fitting tools was..

He special ordered model number R1a 7C-16 WOS for me.

These are made in Italy I think and work great and aren't all that expensive.

Floyd is also a good guy and got me a good deal on staples as well.
I went from staples to points, and I like the point guns better... I find them easier to dig out if there is a mistake made.
united has a pneumatic version that will fire the f18 nails that you are used to using -

#5654 Pneumatic Brad Gun

the 5664 is the one i have, it shoots both rigid and flexi points, at a dramatic cost savings over the fletcher versions.
We have a dandy Omer pneumatic tool that drives 28-gauge pins up to 1-1/8" long; got it from AMS. It's the best I've seen for shadowbox frames -- the pins leave only tiny holes.

For fitting we use only Fletcher point drivers. We have the black one (stiff steel arrows), the green one (flexible black arrows) and the yellow one (MultiPoints). Any of us can fit all day long without fatigue using any of these tools, but if you want pneumatic versions, Fletcher has those as well.

There probably are several reasons why Fletcher fitting tools are the most popular. One is that you can buy ammunition from any framing supplier. With off-brand tools you never know whether your few suppliers will be out of stock when you need it. Ask me how I know that.
If your suffering from carple-tunnel.... it aint the brad gun... it's the loose nut between the gun and the floor that won't go see the surgeon.

Or it might be the hours on the G and mouse playing free cell...:coffe:

But what do I know..... I've only had 9 surgeries on my hands alone.....

my wife calls me Mr Zipper.
Originally posted by Jim Miller:

...Any of us can fit all day long without fatigue using any of these tools, but if you want pneumatic versions, Fletcher has those as well.
My wife (who does all the fitting) tells me that, after a while, the shock and jolting of the manual brad guns (we.. oops, "she" uses both Fletcher and Elpa) takes its toll.

Anyways, we just picked up a pneumatic gun yesterday. Although it's not our busy season, as we speak, we have over 100 pieces (about 40 U.I. on average) waiting to be fitted...

How nice to see the smile on her face whilst she bradishes her new toy!!!

She is happy...

I am happy...

And it is oh so important to keep the staff happy, especially when you sleep with them!

The end.

Thank you everyone, for your input! ! !