Bowed cut on oversized mat

Chuck T

True Grumbler
Aug 15, 2003
Jackson, Michigan
Hi grumblers, I framed a piece of copper art mounted on art board (3/16"). We chose to put a fillet around the piece. Overall size is 20X46, opening is about 14x40. I cut and fit the fillet first around the piece, THEN cut the matt opening for the fillet with a reverse bevel. WRONG SIZE!!!
OK, second attempt, size perfect, but there was a noticable bow in the top long cut. Never saw this before now. It is a perfect bow from corner to corner (1/8") The corners were perfect but the bow in the middle of the cut covered the fillet!!! Any ideas???? The cutter is practically new C&H 60" Pro-Advantage.
Any ideas??? Thanks, Chuck T.
A small piece of mat was under the board when you cut it, you let up on the pressure as you were cutting, the set screw not tight on the blade, to name a few. Only one thing worse is when you forget to uncheck "cut outside" of mat on a CMC and the mat is 40 inches from a 40 inch board.
Been there b-4.
My bet is as JPete stated, let up pressure as you were cutting.
Also could have caught your previous cut from the slip sheet.
I've also had that happen on a long cut when the blade wasn't sharp.

BTW, I know everyone has their own technique, but I normally cut the reverse bevel mat first and then fit the fillet to it. Of course that doesn't help with the bow problem, but just my 2-cents worth.