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I posted the following (Rather clumsily,,forgot the subject listing)on HH.I thought I 'd post it here as well.For those of you who have already seen it ,"I'M SORRY ONCE AGAIN" for the others give me your opinions.

Subj: Some recent Insurance discoveries and questions
Date: 1/7/2004 11:20:31 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: BUDDY3453

I will soon be up for renewal with my BOP policy with CAPAX and Hartford.I have read some of the recent post about the startling rises in the cost of such policies. I was even further surprised when I called PPFA to get CAPAX's phone number and discovered that PPFA/PMAI wasn't endorseing CAPAX for BOP .In light of these facts I am curious as to what Agencies and Policies others are subsribeing to and how they compare to the previously mentioned Agency and Policies?
I was told by PPFA that they may soon endorse someone else but to look in their Periodicals for any breaking news.
Also in my conversation with CAPAX ,they told me that they might be able to find some policy that was cheaper with a slight bit less coverage.However some of the coverages in the CAPAX policy is what made them special. What would you be willing to do with out ,if covered by CAPAX ,to save permiums?
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