Bookkeeping/Accounting Software?

Jason Maranto

CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
Sep 18, 2002
Tampa, FL
I'm totally new to this area of business management... so far I have looked at Quickbooks, Peachtree, and MYOB -- with a recent favorite being this:

However I really don't understand what the benifits of the more complex programs would be... any reccomendations would be helpful.

Jason, I would suggest that you talk to your CPA about it. He (she) is the one who will be trying to decipher it when they do your taxes.

I had my own system until last fall. (You know what they say about people who are their own lawyers don't ya? Well this was sorta the same... :rolleyes: ) Anyway, after a couple of tries, I finally found a superb CPA/CMA. He has done wonders for me and my business. He suggested that I get QuickBooks. It is working great. I meet with him quarterly and I just take my zip disc and he pops it in and off we go, planning, stratigizing, and dreaming....

Works great for me.

In my former life I received a degree in accounting and spent 12 years in a Fortune 500 envirnment for 2 retailers. I have used Quickbooks for many years. Yes it has less features than the other 2 programs discussed. It is easier to use however.

I enjoy the KISS method of accounting. "KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID" I most cases you will not need the sufisticated features and added audit trails.
Yet another vote for Quickbooks Pro. We've used it for about 7 years now and only started because our accountant insisted on it! Now we couldn't be without it and we have since switched (for many reasons) to another more Quickbooks-savvy accountant. Because of it, our accountant's bill is a fraction of what it was previously.
Also, I think some POS software is formulated to network with Quickbooks.
But, Jason, do find an accountant you like and see what they have to say. But, I must add that we have been through 6 or 7 accountants over the last 15 years and believeyoume, they ain't all competent. I guess I am coming right back around to telling you to find one who is well-versed in Quickbooks!