Bob Carter is coming to St. Louis!

Barb Pelton

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Apr 14, 2002
The Show Me State
The PPFA St. Louis Chapter will be holiding it's biennial Tabletop Show and Education Event on Sunday, June 11 in Chesterfield, Mo.

Highlights include:
-- Approximately 20 vendors exhibiting new products and education.

-- Bob Carter, The Frame Up, Phoeniz, Az., will present a session entitled "Turning a Buying Advantage into a Selling Advantage" in which Bob will share some of the buying and selling strategies that has led his stores to the level of profitability and success he is known for.

-- Bob will also present "A 12-Step Program to Better Understand Your Business" in which Bob helps business owners break down and examine their individual strengths and weaknesses.

--2007 PPFA competition artwork and past chapter winners will be on display.

--PPFA informational binders will be given to each store attending.

--Brunch will be provided with admission.

-- Reports from the National and Chapter Board of Directors will be given.

--Register for great door prizes and giveaways including a 1 year PPFA Membership!

Date and time:
Sunday, June 11, 2006
9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Doubletree Conference Center
18825 Swingly Ridge Road
Chesterfield, MO
Discounted room rates available: 1-800-222-TREE

PPFA members: $45 for BOTH of Bob Carter's classes AND show admission (including brunch), or $15 for the show/brunch only.
Non-members: $60 for BOTH of Bob Carter's classes AND show admission (including brunch), or $20 for the show/brunch only.

Ken Link
Picture This and More
520 W Delmar Ave, Ste A
Alton, IL 62002
(618) 466-0940

Hope to see you there!!
I think I'm going to try and go if anybody is looking for a carpool from here to there.

Carry on.
Without a doubt it will NOT. However if you make it this far, I'll pick up the rest of the drive.

We did something similar to this once before didn't we?
Originally posted by Baer Charlton:
$45! :eek: Not THATS a "buying advantage"!


Bob is being most generous in helping out our chapter, and we in turn are trying to make it as affordable as possible for people to take advantage of the opportunity.

We also have a good line-up of vendors, (Larson, Wizard, Designer, Williamson, Decor magazine, PFI, Arquarti, Nielson-Bainbridge, Meadowbrook Insurance, Chris Behr Investments, just to name a few--over 20 vendors, but room for a couple more if anyone is interested in coming!) I'll post a complete venkdor line-up a little later when I have the info sitting in front of my nose.

Bob's afternoon class is a more in-depth look at your business in which he really breaks things down so that you can learn to look at your business more objectively--learn to identify your weaknesses and strenghths as well as those of your competition. Then he guides you in building a plan to address those areas. I understand that this is material that Bob has not offered in previous classes.

Good stuff--there's some meat to this, not just tidbits.

Anyway, I hope to see at least a couple of Grumblers there!
Hi Barb-Thanks for the kind words

Barb is right; the 12 Step program is now been put into "Class Format" for the first time. Several grumblers know how the 12 Step deal works and it really helps "peel a few layers off the onion" to help you better understand your self, your expectations and your biz. It was taught to me years ago and has helped me to "think" through problems ever since

I have to be honest; it will require some brutal honesty (relax, not in front of everyone else-but to yourself) to be effective. All I have attempted to do is to add some fun to the presentation

I am making this trip as personal favor to the Link's and Barb as they are great examples ofwhat happens when local people get involved and make their chapter's better

We just have to recognize great effort and energy and reward it with our own time. St Louis, you are fortunate to have a great team in place
"All I have attempted to do is to add some fun to the presentation."

Are you adding a Salsa dance to the class? I'll wear my bullfighters outfit!

Did we get a taste of "Turning a Buying Advantage into a Selling Advantage" in "Think like a Retailer class"?
Hey Jay-You've seen a glimpse of my whole "dog and pony" show. I just try and show some things that retailers use all over the world

Heck, some of them even work on Picture framing customers

I'm real interested in the 12 Step presentation. Like Barb said, it is a "first time" World Premiere. Jay-you know part of it and I'm sure most that take it to heart will use it every day thereafter

I'll bet I can get a few "Amen's" from the alumni on that

I'm adding a little VersaLaser and Name Mat wrinkle to the deal (also a first time) depending on time
Originally posted by Bob Carter:
I'm adding a little VersaLaser and Name Mat wrinkle to the deal (also a first time) depending on time
(Ooooh, I want one!)
There are some cool creations to be made with one of those puppies....if only I had one.

Come ON people, sign up NOW! This is quality education here, along with great vendors and some wonderful door prizes, and don't forget-- great networking opportunities! Right now your chances of winning a "Major Award" is pretty good, so don't miss the opportunity.
I thought I'd bring this back to the top!

Bob made an appearance here a year ago. He was a big hit. People are still talking about it. If ever a pilgrimage needed to be made it would be to one of Bob's classes. I really do believe one of the reasons I am still in business is due to learning from Bob here on the G, in class and also personal help. He truly does understand business in a way most of us are not geared to do. In todays climate we need that more than ever.

Plus, I see he has a new offering.....we will have to see about booking him again......
We're still taking names and I am sure it will be a day well spent, so don't let the opportunity pass you by. Our industry is hurting for quality business education (IMO), so this is one of the classes that should be at the top of all frame shop owner's list.

Hope to see you there!
Barb-I am bringing a uniquely matted piece of Steve Nash (Back to Back MVP from the Phoenix Suns) personally signed for me that I will be showing off.

I will give it away as a "door prize" for the best question asked in the second class.

Decisions of the judge (me) will be final-unless my wife decides otherwise

That's worth a gazillion dollars probably
I can see my customers asking now. "I love it but who's Bob?"

I'm signed up.
Hey-I said signed for me, not by me

It's a good looking piece, though

I also will be giving away (maybe as door prizes) some neat VersaLaser signs

One is even a world famous quote by me

How many educators have so many neat prizes?
Saddly because of a family emergency, I probably won't make it. There is a chance but it seem it's a very small one.
I was looking for you, Jay. Sorry you couldn't make it.

We had a great turn out from the vendors--the door prizes from vendors and Bob were AWESOME.

The feedback I've heard yesterday and today has been wonderful--some of the comments so far from attendees and vendors are: "very beneficial", "a great deal of valuable information", "I have new ideas to take back with me", and "the day was very productive".

I will admit I am disappointed in the general turn-out--I know that there are framers out there who would have been inspired who chose not to invest the time. I will say, though, that there were a couple of people who did whose businesses may be altered forever by what they learned in Bob's classes. It is wonderful to see people get so pumped up about their business! There were some tremendous dialogs happening among framers around the room.

For all of you out there who don't attend your PPFA Chapter events because it is so far to drive, I have to say do yourself a favor; pick one really good event a year (pick the one that can make the biggest difference in your business), and make the committment to attend that one event. One a year should be manageable.

Thank you Bob and Debbie, for making the trip and sharing with us.

And for all of the vendors who came and supported the event (and gave so generously--WOW!) THANK YOU!!!
Barb-We had a wonderful time. The hospitality from the Links was fantastic, and it was so nice to see you

The one really good thing about smaller groups like this is that we really had a great chance to visit one-on-one with so many. Everyone in the classes could really open up and not be intimidated. It seemed that everyone really got their "money's" worth. It was fun to see such eagerness and openess in every class. From an educator's point of view, it is very rewarding

I gave away all the VersaLaser samples (and didn't see a single one in any oth etrash cans) and the person that won the autographed Steve Nash piece was none other than Barb, herself

She won because of all her hard work she (and Ken and others) put into a such an event. And, because she made the best case that her husband would enjoy it more than anyone else

A special thanks to my good friend Marc Blustone that took time from his busy schedule to come out and spend a few minutes with Debi and I. 20 minutes sharing wisdom with Marc is worth several hours with most anyone else. I appreciate his making our visit happen (and meeting his son, Abraham)

What make so much of our business special is the people. And, if you don't take the time to come and visit with your peers, you miss these great opportunities
Sounds like a great event. I would have come out there for it, but we had a family wedding to attend this past weekend. I've been looking forward to attending one of Bob's classes, and to meet and greet other Grumblers. (Plus, it would have been a good opportunity to visit my mom and my cousin Harlan, who has a beautiful frame shop in Ladue, on the business's dime ;) )
Maybe next time. Glad you all enjoyed (and certainly benefitted from) your weekend's encounter.
:cool: Rick