Bob Carter Hits the Road and Comes to Denver......


PFG, Picture Framing God
Nov 2, 2001
Centennial, CO, USA
This is going to be a good one folks! I finally get to meet Bob Carter! Fianlly, for real, this is not to be missed. Oh yeah, he will be giving a couple discussions too................

Sunday, August 21 in Denver, CO
Presented by the Mountain and Plains PPFA Chapter

You can blame the sluggish economy, the explosion of big box framers, or the phases of the moon. Whatever the reason, business is tough. Don’t give up — FIGHT BACK.

Join us for a day with Bob Carter where we focus on running your frame shop as a retail business. Two terrific seminars:

¤ Think Like a Retailer
¤ Turning a Buying Advantage Into a Selling Advantage


And, as an ADDED SUPER BONUS, be among the first to visit the metro area's newest moulding distributor - DUNCAN-MATTHEWS, LLC. Enjoy a delicious catered lunch, network with fellow framers and distributors, recieve a great goodie bag... and maybe you'll win one of the terrific door prizes! Please join us at:

Duncan-Matthews, LLC
80 Inverness Drive East, Suite 200
Englewood, CO 80112

Sunday, August 21 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

For more information, contact Kathy Wymore at 303-690-6774 or e-mail
One of the things I like about PPFA membership is they send industry leaders to give seminars and workshops at the quarterly meetings.

We haven't had Bob C. (yet), but the New England chapter has hosted Bill Parker, Jay Goltz, Nona Powers, Brian Wolf, and others.

I have met Bob in Atlanta and at his shop in Phoenix. He loves to talk business, and is a wealth of information. You are fortunate to have him coming.
An added bonus, if you go to that meeting, is you get to meet Kathy Wymore in person.

I didn't know you were located by the shores (you know, it takes a harbor and a ship to get near Nona).
Funny you should jump on this "on the road" thread Cornel....

As some of you know Cornel is making his entire sweep through the USA tour.... this year accompanied with his Lead guilder and sgraffito artist, Maria.
She is getting her own education about America and "what framers are looking for".

We had a great lunch when we met up in Seattle
Ron-The reason I am going is to meet Kathy, also. I thought "What the heck? As long as I am in Denver visiting with Kathy, why not throw a little Bob on Bidness around"

We will be discussing a few techniques where we really can use some of the same "tricks" the Big Guys use. It's high time we fight back and reclaim some territory that we have so willingly abdicated. And this ain't no "pie in the sky" what if stuff. This is real world, market tested, proven by sales figures things that consumers actually respond to

Spending some time with Patti is pretty pleasureable, too
You Denver area people are soooo lucky!
I took Bob's class and it is GREAT!

We couldn't get Bob to come to our area for our festival - at least not yet! We'll keep working on you, Bob!
So who's gonna post a picture of Kathy so we can finally see her?

Cornel and Baer: y'all look like you're about to arm wrestle to see who buys the next round of beer.

Baer, when I first read 'Lead Guilder', I read it as 'Lead Guitar'. I didn't even know CR was in a band! Cornel, you sly devil! You ought to tell us these things!
Don't miss Bob on Bidness.

Bob always has some good ideas that you can use to grow your profits. I learn something new everytime I talk with him.
Thanks for the kind words, Bob. I'm sorry that we won't be able to have one of those great sit-downs in Atlanta this year. But, if you will be in San Diego....

Back to Denver

One of my pet topics is to Take a Buying Advantage and Turn it into a Selling Advantage. We have been very lucky to have some great vendor participation with some super offers to those that attend. Opportunities that will allow you to buy like the Big Boys (and, therefore, sell like the Big Boys).

Now, if we can get Amy on board (she will be there, I'm sure) we can get even greater opportunities.

I have never seen such great vendor participation before, but you will have to show up to take advantage of these super deals.

If you think buys like this were only available to the very few, get prepared to join that club
Yeah, there are going to be such great deals at this event we are going to make sure that those who don't attend know what they missed!

There is still time to sign up and attend! Weather is going to be bee-you-tee-ful this weekend, it would be a nice drive from wherever you have to come from.

Bob, have you talked to Amy? I know she is on board......
I need to thank all the people at Mountains and Plains Chapter for the wonderful hospitality yesterday. They had a great turnout and it was refreshing to have so many framers eagerly wanting to learn more about business and the fine art art of Price Impression. I can speak with authority that these days you don't find the "anti-business" attitude much any more. Sure, there are still some Luddites out there. But, not many.

Special thanks to the many vendors that offered some unbelieveable deals to support my classes that dealt with Buying Well to Sell Well. They certainly gave these folks more than enough ammunition to fight back

And, I would be remiss if I did not extend a personal thanks to the staff at Duncan Matthews. A great bunch of people that I feel will do quite well in their new venture. First rate operators with tremendous ownership.

These day trips can be quite taxing, but I think I returned as energized as I hope they were.

All in all, it was a great day highlighted with spending some great quality time with Kathy
Yes, the event was deemed a "success". Lots of enthusiasm. Bob is an engaging speaker, not to mention, a big ol teddy bear! I'm so glad to finally meet him.

Duncan Matthews did a swell job of hosting the event. We all wish them well as they start their venture. Teaming up with Studio Moulding is just icing on the cake. Yeah, we can get Studio locally now.

We are having a blast getting this new chapter off the ground, it is a ton of work but very rewarding. So, we now have had three successful events and have brought in two heavy hitters with Jim Miller and Bob Carter. I wonder who is next............

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