Blocking a trapezoid needlepoint piece


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Jun 13, 2002
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I searched and found the thread that addressed this - it was so helpful.

I had a piece that had to have been 3" off in all directions and it was only a 10 x 13 piece!

I successfully blocked this piece and removed it from the blocking board to find it still a little out of square... not having done one this badly out of shape before... what do I do next?

I can repeat the steaming process but what backer material would you recommend to help it hold it's shape once framed?


Hi Roz,
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If you can just damp it with steam as you go along,it should move, you may need to move it a little at a time.Leave it 24 hours to realy dry.I actually use the foam core as a mount.
I have had to block some very stubborn needlepoints up to three times. Most are only once, and a few have to be cajoled twice. Every now and then you'll get one that will -even after all that- have just one corner faintly slanted down.
I block them face down and I mist the back (after I test the suspect colors for bleeding) with purified water and let them sit on the blocking board until I am ready to mount them. I mount on either rag paper-wrapped needlepoint board (thick sturdy gray acidic upsom board) or 8 ply rag (doubled if I have enough rabbet room.) I pin them in place with metal map pins and then staple them down once I get them straight.
I have mounted some very wopperjod pieces of needlepoint this way and they end up looking quite smart.

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