Black core mat for sick bags (!)


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Nov 19, 2002
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Two posts in one - unusual items to frame - 14 limited edition airline sickbags (yes, unused before anyone asks!) and oversized black core matboard.

No big deal - multi aperture mat. aluminium frame (you say ALOOMINUM - we say ALIMINYUM).

Customer came in 10 mins before closing Saturday and took 40 minutes, we had 130 miles to travel that night, for a trade show next day.

He liked the artcare black core matboard - we don't do anything else with a black core. But the longest side worked out to over 45"

(Right another problem while I'm at it - I press shift and '2' and get an @ so I press shift and comma and that gets me " - what's going on?)

Anyway, I offered a double mat - he didn't want to pay the extra - reluctantly settled for a plain mat.

I was glad to get him out the door, now I feel guilty. I can black the bevels myself. I'd Rather not. To save me the grief, do any of you that know Bainbridge artcare 'frost' (or 'snowflake') on black, know if crescent do an equivalent in a larger format?
Thanks Jerry, one of my suppliers is a distributor for crescent, but always seem bewildered by the range! Now I have a name to help them!
See another place where my 'barfing' graemlin suggestion would have worked out great!