Bill Job Stories to tell installment 3 and questions


True Grumbler
Jan 12, 2004
Cumming, GA

So we get a phone call one day last week and it is from a "Prints Plus" store in a mall about 30 miles away.

"Going out of business," they say. "Need any equipment?"

Long story short. The owner goes down on Friday and buys their equipment for $1500. They were not allowed to empty out the store until Sunday at 6 when the mall closed. Them they had to get everything out by Monday.

The owner, another employee and I went down Sunday night and loaded up a vertical Morso chopper, an AMP joiner (2+1 I think), a C&H wall mounted multi-cutter, a Speed Mat wall mounted mat cutter that is pneumatically operated. A spray booth and glue application system. We also got some good stuff, store furniture, they were trashing.

I have never seen a vertical Morso. Interesting tool. One thing that disturbs me is that the machine does not have rabbit supports such as on the more common horizontally oriented choppers. I chopped a couple of sample moldings and they didn't seem to break but I am still worried about breaking rabbits.

Does anyone have such a machine as I dexcrobe? If so, does your set-up include rabbit supports?