Big and deep moulding search

Sherry Lee

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jun 25, 2002
Phoenix, Az.
I don't know what's going on out there in the 'art world', but I'm getting prestretched canvases that are on 2" stretcher bars.

I have a customer that is insisting that a frame 2" deep is the ONLY frame for her picture! She does not like the canvas protruding.

So.....I'm looking for moulding that is 2"+ deep and 3-4" wide. I've been searching, but it's tough!

Thanks much!!!
Max Moulding has a biggie that is 2.5" tall. #T5738137 Dark brown distressed look, black/gold striped inner lip.
Why not just re-stretch the painting onto 3/4" bars? Have a lot more of a selection of frames, probably save your customer some money as well

Have you thought of stacking a shadow box type moulding outside a flat panel or reverse to get the overall depth. Also, Munn Frameworks will build up the rabbet on their line for a reasonable cost.

Pat :D :D
Aren't these called "gallery" canvases? They can supposedly be hung as-is. The ones I have dealt with I have put on floater frames, and have a WoodWorker that makes them for me. If you want I can send his name and number to you, the stock tends to run $9 to $12 a foot with great stains and paint options.

I have a sample of the Max moulding, because I have had customers ask for one that deep, but I have never ordered it, and usually steer the customer toward a custom floater frame.
Good ideas from everyone! I'm going to look at that Max! Also found a couple from Roma. And then offer to stack.

This student's art teacher has his ducklings fixated on 2" stretcher bars.....most likely thinking they'll treat it as wrap-arounds, but his flock is coming in to have their beautiful work framed like no other!! And that's fine by me!!

Again, thanks for all the input.......onward and upward!! :D