"Bidmain" biz service---yes/no/maybe???


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Mar 25, 2004
Tampa, FL
got the followig eail----anyone heard of them/have dealigs with them???the results??

Dear Sir or Madam,
As you might know already, government agencies have a statutory obligation to
reach-out and consider small businesses for government business opportunities.
These contract goals are intended for 8(a) business, women-owned businesses, small
disadvantaged businesses, companies located in HUB Zones and service disabled
veteran-owned businesses.
So it is up to you to promote and match your products and services to the buying
needs of agencies. Then, how do you find government opportunities?
Since year 2000,Bidmain.com has been helping businesses by providing comprehensive
bid report from government agencies and public institutions, based on each member's
Bidmain.com can help you to:
Access government bids from federal, state, and local agencies.
Receive a customized bid report delivered via email everyday.
Get bids from unlimited states, categories, and keywords without additional fees.
Go to www.bidmain.com now and match your products and services to the buying needs
of government agencies now. Do not miss this opportunity anymore.
Sales Team
I'm not an expert by any means. But I just bid on my first government contract because the buyer was one of my customers, and so gave me a chance to bid. I had to register as a government contractor at http://www.ccr.gov. To do so you need a number from Dunn & Bradstreet. So you call them first and make sure you're registered. At the end of the ccr registration, if I remember correctly, you have some options to make yourself available for bidding on other contracts in the field of your business.

Personal opinion - I would be highly skeptical of an email solicitation to register and receive government contract opportunities. Not personal opinion - to bid on or receive any contract you will have to register at ccr.gov. I'd try that first, then see if you need more assistance getting access to bid opportunities.