BG 6000 Wall Cutter


Grumbler in Training
Mar 7, 2002
Jackson, MS
I recently purchased a used BG 6000 wall-mounted board & glass/plexi cutter.

Does anybody out there have a manual that I can use? I'll be willing to pay for copies if needed.

Call C&H and they will mail you your very own copy. Let me google them and I'll be right back.

Well that was a bust. Even PPFA doesn't list them any more.

Try a local supplier that sells them, they will give you C&H's number.

Our local that we just bought a BG6000 from is Framers Inventory at 503-236-9293. at the message punch in 245 for Mary.
Yes Baer and soon you may be able to buy them at your local K-Mart. I think I heard they had formed some sort of an alliance recently.

But Ron does that mean we need to addd K-Mart on the end of "I think C&H is now part of Nielsen/Bainbridge/Nurre/Texaco/Proctor&Gamble/Sears."

I can't help but wonder ,with all the recent mergers and buy outs why they made the old "Standard Oil","Dupont Chemical" and Maw Bell devest themselves way back when?ROTFWLMAO
A wholely owned subsidiary of the RamJack Corporation :D HI-HO!
I think Sun/Black&Decker/Delta/PorterCable/DeWalt/BurgerKing/CocaCola/JackDanials/PhilipMorris/KraftFoods/Gillet is in there somewhere, aren't they? Or did they get bouught up by the NeilBainNurreAlumaPiedmontJuhl group?