bevel accents?


Jan 28, 2005
Salt Lake City Utah
Today a customer brought in a magazine page which showed an example of a framed photo with a double mat, the interesting part was that between the inner mat and the photo was some kind of a
fillet(?), but much deeper and wider than any fillet I've ever seen. It added quite a bit of depth between the mats and the photo. Are any of you familiar with a product like this, where do you get it? Hopefully I'm not the only one who hasn't used it!!! I guess there's a first time for everything right...
Bevel Accent is a Bainbridge product. Get yourself a sample set from your Bainbridge distributor and put it out where people can play with it.

The stuff is licensed from Vicki Schober, who has her own similar product called Faux Fillets. The two lines don't overlap much so it's smart to have both sample sets to broaden the selection.

They are easy to work with and add a special look that people won't see everywhere.
Bainbridge Bevel Accents are pieces of 3/16" foam center board, which have beveled edges covered with paper or suede matching some mats.

They are handy, easy to use, and quite attractive in adding color as well as depth to your frame designs.

Any distributor of Bainbridge products should have them in stock.
I love 'em, not cheap but you're paying for convenience - you could fabric/paper wrap your own - easier on thick matboard than foamboard though.

Only problem with these is on the dark colours - if you are matching the bevel to a mat colour, you get a white bevel between the two, so I rarely do that.

But there are colour core mats and you can always of course colour the bevel yourself, or wrap it, but if your'e going to do that, you may as well wrap your own deep bevelled mat.
If you want to save a bunch of money and wrap your own paper or fabric bits, Garrett Moulding sells their "Bevel Board" which is a plain wrap suitable to paint or wrap.